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The Networked Nonprofit in Holland!

Networked Nonprofit

For me, one of the joys of  the publication of  Networked Nonprofit co-authored with Allison Fine is seeing people in my network reading it and discussing.    I’ve never met Joitske Hulsebosch face-to-face, but we have collaborated and learned together through the wonders of the social web from US to Holland.

I first met Joitske back in 2005 through Nancy White’s online facilitation workshop.  We had a lot of sandbox time to explore tagging and other emerging web 2.0 technologies.  I remember when she started blogging and she was one of my first “blogger interviews.”   Joitske is an expert in change management and technology adoption and is a trainer who was taught web 2.0 techniques all over the world.

Joitske mentioned that she took a long bike ride to get the right background for this photo!  Can’t wait to hear what she thinks about the ideas in the book!

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  1. Hi Beth, this is wonderful :). Hesitated between the windmills and the completely orange streets.. now that the team has won, I could have chosen the orange streets as well…

  2. By the way, I’ve used you as an example of distant closeness- how without social media we wouldn’t have found to time to connect and stay in touch after the workshop, but with social media we can follow each other’s work and be inspired and connected

  3. JD Lasica says:

    Holland? Don’t they play soccer over there?