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Networked Nonprofit Update: November

Networked Nonprofit

Flickr Photo by WiserEarth - WiserEarth's team from Around the World play Peek-A-Boo With Book

I’d like to use this post to share some of the responses to the Networked Nonprofit at different book events and online during the past month and let you know about upcoming events in November. The photo above shows WiserEarth‘s team from around the world in the Bay Area during break from a staff retreat reading the Networked Nonprofit.

Networked Nonprofit in Vegas

Photo by KK

Flickr Photo by KK

In October, I presented on two panels at BlogWorld and briefly walked the exhibit floor to notice the book at the Wiley Booth and also ran into Kris Krug, a photographer and free agent. Stay tuned for a video interview I did with him while in Vegas.

Independent Sector in Atlanta

Despite a broken toe, I facilitated a workshop on Social Media for CEOs of nonprofits and foundation. But even more fun was this video interview with the good folks at the Gifts In Kind International who I ran into in the lobby and they pulled out their copy of the book and shared a few thoughts about they’re applying the ideas.

The Portland Arts and Culture Social Media Convening Workshop

Flickr Photo by James Leventhal

James Leventhal facilitated a workshop in Portland last month along with Adam Rozan of the Oakland Museum of California and Stephanie Weaver of Experienceology. The workshop was a discussion, tweet-festival, and social media community-building exercise. And, they all got copies of Networked Nonprofit (thank you James!) Meanwhile in down at action camp in San Antonio, Texas, I heard through Twitter that copies of the Networked Nonprofit were offered in a raffle.

Networked Nonprofit at PRSA in Washington, DC

Vivian from Roundy's Supermarket Chain and Kelly Linn Cheesemsn, Wal-Mart Foundation.

Kami Huyse, my business partner at Zoetica, gave a presentation at PRSA Conference in Washington, DC about social media integrated into cause-related marketing and CSR (it is the research we’re working on as part of our fellowship with the Society for New Communications Research). She also gave copies of the book away as prizes.

The Networked Nonprofit in Japan

>”ichi” – Hiroyasu Ichikawa who is president of the SocialCompany in Japan was visiting the Bay Area to attend SoCap. I met “ichi” virtually when he let me know about a Netsquared Japan meet up featuring the Networked Nonprofit. He also kindly demonstrated on a video how to do social networking in Japan the old fashion way.

Thoughtful Posts and Reviews of the Networked Nonprofit

I can’t tell you how much I’m enjoying reading about people are applying the ideas in the book and the reviews. Here’s a few.

Steve Heye is blogging the book. I really like his take on the mindshift that is needed to embrace a “try it and fix it approach. >

Steve Waddell writes about building change networks through social media.

Tony Goodrow blogs about some of the ideas in the Networked Nonprofit and how they relate to volunteer management.

Tobi Johnson who purchased the book as part of our launch party has written a terrific review on her blog.

Jane Wales offered a few counter arguments to the Gladwell article in the New Yorker riffing off some ideas in the Networked Nonprofit.

A Few Events in November

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  1. Glenn says:

    I can send you a picture of me holding up my Kindle as I read Networked Nonprofit:-)

  2. Beth,
    People in Portland were thrilled to get copies of your book, which really inspired us as presenters. I am also recommending it to all my clients! In all, 22 copies went out to folks in Portland, Seattle, Hawai’i, and Utah. Great stuff!
    Stephanie Weaver

  3. Beth,

    It would be an understatement to suggest we are all pretty excited to be hosting you in London later this month. As well as the event at The Guardian, I’m organising this evening event at JustGiving. The first batch of tickets were snapped up in an hour and a half on Monday. More available on Friday:


  4. Mazarine says:

    Looking forward to reading more reviews of your book!

    Sent you my picture and my blog review, but just in case, here it is again!



  5. trista says:

    BETH! you are coming to london later this month!? please tell me when you are here I would love to meet you!!! I’m saving the (nonprofit intern budget) to buy the book, i can’t wait to read it!!

  6. Trista – see the link in my comment above 🙂

  7. trista says:

    Steve- Thanks so much for the info, can I reserve a place online when the other tickets become available? and when? I work and live in Buntingford at Peace Child International (yes registered charity) and would love to come but can’t exactly make many trips to london. thanks 🙂