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The Networked Nonprofit Update

Networked Nonprofit

Allison Fine and I have been thrilled with the reception that our book, The Networked Nonprofit, has received.   I’m very grateful for support and more so for the conversations and thoughtful blog posts you have shared.  I wanted to share a few recent posts that I’ve enjoyed and a couple of upcoming book events.

If You Want An Answer, Ask Everyone by Jane Wales, Huffington Post, provides an overview of crowdsourcing in philanthropy and quotes from the chapter in our book on crowdsourcing.

Networked Nonprofits:  The Eva Longoria Case Study by Mark Drapeau, shares some examples and thoughts about Networked Nonprofits and free agent fundraisers.   He raises a good point and even makes up a new word: spamanthropism (spam + philanthropism).   It describes social media for social good that is so obnoxious that it feels like spam.

In my own fundraising,   I am always very conscious of asking too much and annoying people.   It is a balance – you have to ask, but it shouldn’t be non-stop and always asking.  One of the techniques I tried was “conversational fundraising” – which was less about the ask and more about having a conversation with people that might lead to donations.

New York City Book Launch:  Mike Johnson created this recording of our session with Stephanie Strom from the New York Times.

The next few weeks are going to be hectic to say the least.   Next week, I’ll be in Boston for book events at Associated Grant Makers and Barr Foundation on Monday, October 4th. That evening, Public Conversations Project and the TechFoundation, are hosting a book event from 5:30-7:30 p.m., October 4 at the Charles Hotel, Harvard Square. RSVP:  On October 5th,  Allison and I will be doing a talk on the Berkman Center Luncheon series.

While in Boston, a video crew will be following me around to create a piece for a keynote that will be delivered by Allison Fine at the Blackbaud Conference on October 20-21st in Washington, DC.  Rather than skyping in,  they will show this video short as part of the keynote and I will participate on the Twitter chat via the hashtag from the Independent Sector Conference in Atlanta.

I’ll also be doing a webinar for CanadaHelps, workshop for Community Foundation of Monterey County, and a panel at BlogWorld about how Networked Nonprofits use Twitter.

And that’s just October!

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  1. Becky says:

    Hi Beth, I just wrote a post today on the Networked Nonprofit in action in Jaipur 🙂