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Networked Nonprofit Virtual Book Club Week 2: Busting Social Media Myths

Networked Nonprofit

I’m in NYC for the last leg of book launch tour for the Networked Nonprofit.   I’m pleased about the positive reception of the big picture ideas and concepts in the book,  I’m wildly enthusiastic about hearing from people as they put the ideas into practice!

For example, one of the concepts in the book is understanding social networks, social networking mapping, and  network weaving.  Deborah Finn has a terrific blog post sharing her experience mapping a network.

Social Edge is hosting a virtual book club where were are sharing excerpts for the book and discussing how to put them into practice over the next couple of weeks.   This week we are talking about how to bust social media myths.    What lies beneath these myths is skepticism.

Networked Nonprofits use skepticism as a conversation starter.  I don’t know how many of you are LOST fans.  The scariest moments are when the black smoke monster makes an appearance. The black smoke monster on LOST is a stream of black smoke that appears with scary background music.   The reaction:  people  run screaming away from it.  That’s how some people in nonprofits treat organizational skepticism about social media when leaders raise it.  They shrink, they run, or  hide.    We need to use skepticism as a conversation starter.

If you are not embracing social media because you think you don’t have the time or skepticism has scared around away, it’s time to change!

Come bust social media myths with us this week over at Social Edge.

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