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Washington, DC: Book Launch Events

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Book Party in at the Case Foundation: Who Has Their Hands on the Book

We were in Washington, DC  on Thursday and Friday for our book tour for The Networked Nonprofit to celebrate with live and virtual events hosted by the Case Foundation and Chronicle of Philanthropy.  We also keynoted the Nonprofit 2.0 Conference.

On Thursday afternoon, Peter Panepento, hosted a BlogTalk Radio show with us.  This was the first time I had participated in talk show style streaming event.    It was more than a book promotion event – it was an opportunity to have an in-depth conversation with a peer (Peter) about social media.

We are very grateful to the  Case Foundation for hosting a party to toast our book.   The Case Foundation has generously supported our work on research to support social media capacity building of the nonprofit sector.    There is a nice synergy as ALL the proceeds from my share of the sales of the book will be going to the Sharing Foundation, the organization I championed for the first America’s Giving Challenge.

Nonprofit social media strategists who teach us everyday about how to build networks

For me, the party was more a like a family reunion.   The attendees included people I knew from my online network building days at Arts Wire in the early 1990’s  – like Ryan Turner and Alan Levine as well as people I know from different online communities or networks where I have been an active participant.    I was to so glad that Wendy Harman, Danielle Brigida, Kirstin Johnson, and Jake Brewer — the leading practitioners in nonprofits and social media and who have taught so much over the years attended the party.

It was also wonderful to see Cynthia Samuels (BlogHer);  Jocelyn Harman (Care2);  Bill Strathan (Network(ed) for Good); Michael Hoffman (NTEN); Christina Arnold (Cambodia); Kate Bladow; and many others.

Julia Rocchi

Julie Rocchi, our copy editor, points out a typo in the book signing and corrects it!

The next day,  Allison Fine and I, keynoted the Nonprofit 2.0 Conference along with Wendy Harman.   Wendy and I facilitated an unconference session on listening later in the day and I’ll share what we learned in a second post.

Thank you so much for your support of the book.  It is a blessing to have a generous and support network.

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  1. Congratulations on your book ! Looks like a lot of fun happening ! You also championed the right student in Sopharoth, She graduates in October –her first term grades make her #2 in her Department of Business accounting– 104 students ! She is a nice kid too. Great all around ! Congrats

  2. You and Allison are amazing and it felt like a family reunion to me as well. Can’t wait til we get to be together again! I owe YOU dinner!

  3. hey!,I like yourreview so much! share we discuss more about your post on Yahoo? Looking forward to see you.

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