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New E-Book: Measurement 101 for Nonprofits by KD Paine @queenofmetrics



I learned about measurement from Katie Delahaye Paine, who is the leading expert in measuring communications strategies.  Why else would everyone call her The Queen of Metrics!  I was honored enough to co-author a book with Katie, “Measuring the Networked Nonprofit,” a book about measuring social media and networks.      So, I know first-hand how incredibly brilliant she is!

The good news is that Katie has just released a new e-book, Measurement 101 for Nonprofits that helps nonprofits measure all aspects of their work – from program outcomes to communications strategy.    The book makes measure easy to understand and offers lots of tips and checklists.     Here’s what in it.

Part 1: Why Every Nonprofit Needs This eBook Now
Part 2: Seven Tips To Help You Understand Your Data
Part 3: How To Measure the Effectiveness of Your Efforts
Part 4: How To Measure Engagement
Part 5: How To Budget for Measurement
Part 6: How to Select the Right Tools for Your Needs
Part 7: Five Steps to Help You Pick a Measurement Vendor
Part 8: Special Tips for Measuring Fundraisers
Part 9: Measurement Lexicon
Part 10: Checklist for the Measurement Process
Part 11: Additional Resources for Nonprofits

The book is $101, and at first glance you might think that is a lot to pay for a book.  But it isn’t.  The book includes access to Katie’s research papers, vendor selection charts, and much more.     You also get access to Katie’s monthly Measurement Hours where you can ask Katie questions.   Katie’s e-books also come with a “Lifetime Content Warranty.”    That means as new tools and techniques become available, she updates the material and you get revised content at no charge.

Purchase your copy right now!  And, you will be on your way to measuring results and improving them!

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  1. Unmesh Sheth says:

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  2. Deb Zinn says:

    Is your software discussed in the book?

  3. Evita Morin says:

    I would not hesitate to buy this if there was an audiobook available. Any plans for such?