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The Internet Domain .NGO Should Serve Best Interests of Nonprofits Worldwide: Sign An Online Letter of Support

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Note from Beth: Within a year new generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs) will be launched worldwide, joining the likes of .ORG, .COM, and .NET. Among the proposed new gTLDs is .NGO. .NGO will be the exclusive domain for local and global non-governmental organizations looking to advance their missions or to inspire their communities.  PIR is the non-profit organization managing .ORG – the domain that has served the non-profit community for more than 25 years – making it the natural choice for managing the .NGO domain.  Sign this online letter of support to ensure that .NGO is maintained in the best interest of nonprofits worldwide.

Guest post by Thuy LeDinh

There’s no question that the Internet has evolved significantly over the past 26 years. In fact, I think it’s safe to say (especially given that you are reading Beth’s blog) that most of us log-in at least a couple hours of online time a day – whether it be to check our emails, research potential donors and partners, or more importantly, update our vested followers about our latest new, initiatives, and missions. But as we all know, nothing ever stays the same, and the Internet is not an exception to the rule.

Over the next couple years, we’ll all have front row seats to the introduction of new domain extensions (or what we in the Internet industry call “generic top-level domains” or “gTLDs”). Soon, .ECO, .GREEN, and .NGO, among countless others, will be introduced into our lexicon, expanding our surfing – and outreach – options in infinitely new ways. But as the Internet grows, so does the inherent responsibility to manage its expansion in a safe and standardized way. That’s my “cause,” if you will… to ensure that the new domain name extensions help organizations, individuals and companies alike market to their communities on a safe and trusted venue.

Over the past decade, The Public Interest Registry (PIR),  has been managing the .ORG domain name extension, which currently serves over 9.5 million non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and companies worldwide. Our mission since our inception has been simple: to serve as an advocate for higher Internet standards and to work tirelessly in the best interest of our .ORG registrants, including those in underserved markets. Simply, our pure purpose has been to ensure that our online community of individuals, companies and NGOs — no matter their location — can educate, mobilize and empower their communities in times of both crisis and calm.

That’s what brings me here today.    As the Internet stands on the cusp of a major sea change, PIR has a unique opportunity to broaden and deepen our core mission by applying for a domain extension specifically aimed at the needs of the global NGO community – .NGO.

Here’s where you – my fellow NGOs and .ORG registrants – come in. As an organization that thrives off of its community, PIR could use your support to ensure that we continue to serve in your best interest. First and foremost, we could use your advice and practical help on how to best serve the NGO community (feel free to use the comment board below or email me directly at, and second, I invite you to become our advocates, if you will, and support us in our endeavor to run .NGO via an online letter of support.

In the next few months, PIR will formally submit its application to officially manage the .NGO domain extension when it’s introduced in 2013. What does that mean exactly? Your online cause marketing efforts and overall impact will be strengthened. As a complement to your existing .ORG site, .NGO will be an exclusive domain address for self-identified NGOs worldwide who are looking for a unique online signature to be immediately recognized and to broaden opportunities for public participation, funding and contributions.

Please  support us in our endeavor to run .NGO via an online letter of support.

Now, let me pause, as I can already see the line of questioning coming through my computer: “Wait, if you are already managing .ORG (and happily so!), why are you pursuing .NGO?” Because it’s a natural next step in our commitment to serving the public’s interest. As a fellow not-for-profit, we understand the needs and wants of the NGO community. Our years of experience with .ORG has also provided us with a longstanding track record of running a stable, trusted registry that empowers non-profit organizations to build a community around a shared interest, value or passion.  So instead, the question is actually more: Why wouldn’t we go after this opportunity? (If you’re curious to learn more, check out

All that aside, I’d also welcome your thoughts. What do you think of an expanded Internet? What domain extensions are catching your eye? Or frankly, do you think that we should just be sticking to the tried and true .COMs, .NETs and .ORGs that already exist (among others!)?

About Thuy LeDinh:

Thuy LeDinh

Thuy LeDinh

As senior marketing communications manager, Thuy took over marketing communications and web development for PIR in 2009. Prior to PIR, he worked in product marketing and marketing communications for a high-end business printer manufacturer. Thuy has also been developing web content management system and search technologies for over ten years. With his unique background in both consumer marketing and technical development, he brings creative ways to best utilize new technology to create effective marketing communications in today’s fast-paced environment. Thuy’s areas of expertise include building online communities, public relations, Internet marketing, branding strategies, and SEO.


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