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#npfail Share Your Nonprofit Fail Story and Win A Microsoft Surface!


You’ve heard the mantra: Learn from failure. But no one likes to screw up and you can’t learn when you’re beating your chest in frustration or pointing fingers at each other. Some smart organizations are helping their people make failure not only productive, but also fun.   That’s the summary of a post I wrote last week for the Harvard Business Review Blog called “Go Ahead Take A Failure Bow.”

Two weeks ago, during the Nonprofit Technology Conference plenary session on placing little bets and learning from failure,  the four panelists issued a challenge.   Let’s do more than just give failure lip service,  let’s put it into practice and share what learned by placing a “Little Bet” or low risk pilot where you can learn something.    Listen to the one-minute video clip from Peter Sims describing actually what a Little Bet is.

CALL TO ACTION:   Place a Little Bet at Your Nonprofit and Share It (You could win a Microsoft Surface or Other Schwag from the Case Foundation)

“Place a Little Bet” – try something small to experiment with, learn from it, and share it.

Share Your #npfail story in this survey by May 3rd (extended)  and you will have a chance to win a Microsoft Surface or other schwag from the Case Foundation that is sponsoring the contest. (They are also doing a sector wide survey on failure and innovation).  

Now you have some practical techniques for learning from failure and a reward!    What’s your #npfail story?

3 Responses

  1. Shelley says:

    Whoops. I submitted my “Little Bet” story, but now I’m wondering if I needed to include #npfail story in my submission? ~ Shelley

  2. Beth says:

    Shelley: Do another submission – will combine them

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