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Book: Nonprofit Management 101


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Theory informs practice.  Practice informs theory.     You need both.  The best how-to books out there combine them.  A book that is all  concepts and theory, makes it hard to apply the information in the real world.   But, if the book is just a collection of disconnected tips, then you run the risk of implementing with out strategy.   This book combines the two.

Nonprofit Management 101: A Complete and Practical Guide for Leaders and Professionals features practical, easy to implement tips and takeaways from 50 leading experts –  Ami Dar, Paul Hawken,  and Holly Ross, among them.  I contributed a chapter to this book and what I really loved was  my editor, Darian Heyman’s formula.   Start with a framework to help structure thinking around the topic, but share your best wisdom, tips and resources.

NTEN is hosting  a webinar with Darian to discuss the book and share some of the wisdom.   If you are looking for a terrific nonprofit manual that covers all aspects of running a nonprofit and lots of practical advice, go order your copy here.

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