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NYC Book Events: Oct. 11 and Oct 12 and A Few Reviews


Beth and KD at the Boston Tweetup organized by Joselin Mane

Earlier this week,   KD Paine and I started our “Measuring the Networked Nonprofit,” book tour with solo and duo events in Boston and Rhode Island.   Next week, we will be in NYC for these book events:

October 11: 10-11:30 am- Foundation Center NYC Meet the Authors Book Talk and Workshop

October 11:  12-1:30 pm – DoSomething Book Party

October 11:  6-8 pm – NYC  501Tech Club Meet the Authors

October 12: 8:30-10:00 am – NYC  Fenton Book, Bagels and Beth

The Reviews Are  Starting to Come In!

We’re thrilled with the initial reviews coming via Twitter, blogs,  and Facebook (and even on the SF BART (thanks Jill Finalyson)!     Here’s what Simon Mainwaring and Geri Stengel had to say.

The books are starting to arrive in people’s mail boxes (the Kindle version is coming in a matter of days) and folks are sharing photos of themselves with the book, like the one above from David LaPiana and the one below from Mark Horvath.

If you are not in NYC, but want to join us for a book talk in Washington, DC or San Francisco this month, here’s the events listing for October and more in the works for November and 2013.    Please let me know if you when you get your copy by sharing a photo of yourself with the book!

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