Beth Kanter's Blog - Part 129

Nature Conservancy Instagram Contest and Other Examples


Last week,  I wrote a post about Nonprofits and Instagram, asking if it was valuable for nonprofit marketing.  The post summarized why it may be important, best practices, and a few nonprofit examples.       One of my blog readers, Sarah Mowry, Outreach Director for the Deschutes Land Trust pointed me to Nature Conservancy’s Instagram contest, an image scavenger hunt.… Read More

Vote for these SXSW Nonprofit Panels


For many years, the SXSW Festival has used an open application and voting process to select panels for the premiere event for digital and online professionals that takes place every year in Austin, TX.      With the launch of “Measuring the Networked Nonprofit” co-authored with KD Paine, we thought we do a reprise of our popular panel in 2009, “Social Media, Nonprofit, ROI Poetry Slam.”   That panel marked the beginning of my friendship and collaboration with KD Paine which lead to our book, which is going to be entertaining and practical look at how to measure all things networked nonprofit.    … Read More

Deepening Engagement, One Drawing at a Time

Engagement, Guest Post

Note from Beth: Just as I was leaving for Cambodia,  there was a great discussion within a comment thread over on my blog brand page on Facebook in reaction to post about the HSUS Facebook post that went viral.   Darren accepted my offer to share a post to deepen the discussion about engagement.

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How Arts Organizations Win Gold Medals in Social Media


Flickr Photo - Of Small Things

Note from Beth: I missed out on the Olympics in London this year while I was traveling in Cambodia.     While the world acclaimed sports event was taking place in London,  the Gay Chorus Olympics was taking place in Denver.  

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Is Instagram Useful for Nonprofit Marketing?

Measurement, Storytelling, Visual

Instagram, the mobile photography app purchased by Facebook, has been getting a lot of attention lately.   From critics saying it is killing photography to hype and hoopla from marketing pundits saying it is a must-have as part of your “visual marketing tool box.” In Steve Rubel’s Ad Age post,  “The Revolution Won’t Be Televised; It Will Be Instagrammed” points out some underlying trends that might make some of the hype less hype:

  • Smartphone use has become pervasive, siting recent research reports from Pew  Internet for America Life research
  • Visual marketing is becoming an important part of the online marketer’s tool box – especially because images are global, easy to digest, and distributable.
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