Beth Kanter's Blog - Part 131

Content Curation: Are You A Fire Hose or A Focusing Lens?

Content Curation

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Does your nonprofit do content curation as part of its content strategy?  Content curation is the organizing, filtering and “making sense of” information on the web and sharing the very best pieces of content that you’ve cherry picked and shared with your network.  … Read More

Power and Light: Transparency and Effectiveness in the Nonprofit and Philanthropy World


I’ve been heads down working on my next book about measurement and networked nonprofits with KD Paine and our editor, Bill Paarlberg.    One of the chapters is about measuring transparency.  So, when I heard that the Foundation Center and the Center for Effective Philanthropy were hosting an event “Transparency and Effectiveness,”  I was curious, especially given the speakers and the framing:

Foundations are pressed to be more transparent about how they work andmore effective about achieving impact.

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Why I’m Scared of the SOPA Bill by Jim Fruchterman

Guest Post

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Note from Beth: I ran into Jim Fruchterman at the Social Innovation Summit last week in Palo Alto.   He explain the SOPA Bill and why, as a nonprofit leader, he was concerned.   He offered to do this guest post about it.

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Boost Your Voice with LightBox Collaborative’s 2012 Editorial Calendar


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Note from Beth: Back in 2009, the first week I started as Visiting Scholar at the David and Lucile Packard Foundation, I had the pleasure of meeting Holly Minch, Founder of LightBox Collaborative, who is an expert at helping nonprofits and philanthropies unlock the potential of strategic communications for social change.    

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Money for Good Study: Sharing Information About Your Org’s Results Can Attract More Donors


GuideStar and Hope Consulting have released the results of new study, Money for Good II (MFGII).

The findings suggest that if nonprofits are more transparent in sharing information about their results online that they could attract more donors.… Read More