Beth Kanter's Blog - Part 132

craigconnects: A Network of Networks

Guest Post, Networks

Note from Beth: I’m honored to host a guest post from friend Craig Newmark who is launching a new site, a network of networks.    I”m still recovering from jet lag from the E-Mediat project where I spent time training technology trainers who work with NGOS about the Networked Nonprofit.   

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Network Skills for Personal Productivity and Organizational Strategy


I’ve been thinking a lot lately about applying the “network mindset” to one’s works, whether that be philanthropy or nonprofits.  There are two different frames — you can use a networked mindset to increase your personal productivity or think of it in organizational strategy terms.… Read More

National Day of Unplugging


I’m about to hop on a plane and fly from Beirut back home in a few hours.   That’s precisely when the  National Day of Unplugging (NDU) starts.  The purpose is to encourage young, hyper-connected, and frequently frantic people of all backgrounds to re-embrace the ancient beauty of a day of solitude and unplug their smart phones.… Read More

Notes From A Brain Tweetup

Guest Post

Note from Beth: Hosting events for your network – where they can meet offline – can be a terrific away to build your network.   Jay Geneske, a social media professional, shares his experience from a recent Tweetup.

Notes from a Tweetup by Jay Geneske

In early January, the American Museum of Natural History announced that it would hold a Brain Tweetup for 75 of its Twitter followers. … Read More

E-Mediat Day 4: What does it mean to be a social media trainer?

Civil Society 2.0, E-Mediat

Beirut Diary: I’m in Beirut for the week as part of The E-Mediat project, a capacity building project that leverages a networked approach. I’m the lead for Zoetica where my role is to deliver training, advise on the curriculum and coaching methods, model transparency, and serve as meta network weaver.

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