Beth Kanter's Blog - Part 132

Ho’owaiwai: A Network in Hawaii

Guest Post, Networks

Note from Beth: Since the concept of working in Networks is can be hard to explain to newcomers, learning from case studies, stories, and examples can be illuminating. The design was to share this learning was amazing. In the morning, each of the ten case study presenters gave a 5 minute “teaser” about their case study or what one presenter called “showing a little leg.” After lunch, conference participants got to to choose two presenters to spend an hour with in a small group to ask questions and deepened the learning.

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The Digital Immigrant



Guest post by Mary Manuel

“Social networks are not about technology, they are enabled by technology”.  I’m sitting with this thought as I write and publish my first ever blog.  As a digital immigrant, my goal for this conference is to practice learning the language of my new country at the GEO Networks conference over the next two days.… Read More

Plenary Session: A Grantmakers’ Gathering on Networks


The morning plenary for A Grantmakers’ Gathering on Networks was designed to deliver robust, thought-provoking content for grantmakers who want to use a networked approach for the strategy as well as time for people to make connections with others and process and apply these new ideas.… Read More

Blogging Team: Growing Social Impact in a Networked World


Over the next couple of days you will be reading more frequent but shorter  posts from these guest bloggers from the Growing Social Impact in a Networked World:  A Grantmakers’ Gathering of Networks meeting in San Francisco on October 17-18th.    Guest bloggers were tasked with writing a brief post about one idea about networks that sparked their imagination during the gathering.… Read More

This Week On Beth’s Blog: Growing Social Impact in A Networked World – A Grantmaker’s Gathering on Networks


On October 17 and 18th,   I will have the honor of participating in an interactive convening, hosted by GEO and the Monitor Institute focused on how funders can increase their impact by supporting networks and embracing more open and collaborative approaches to grantmaking.  … Read More