Beth Kanter's Blog - Part 133

Celebrating 25 Years Today: Some Thoughts About Relationships and Networks

Engagement, Networks, Online Community

Twenty five years ago on this date (September 14th),  my husband and I got married!   We’ve been together for 32 years!   I marked my 20th anniversary in Flickr and on YouTube with this video (darn the gown doesn’t fit!)

I checked out Rob Cottingham and Alex Samuels  geek anniversary gift list and it looks like photography equipment is how you’re supposed to mark a quarter century of marriage – probably in focal lengths of 25 mm?    … Read More

What is the Secret to Extending the Life of your Content?

Content Curation

Hubspot points to a recent study from about the shelf life or how long a link stays alive before people stop engaging with it.     It offers an estimate as follows:

  • 2.8 hours on Twitter
  • 3.2 hours on Facebook

According to the post, it  suggests that what’s most important for content shelf life is the quality of the content shared, not where it is shared.… Read More

Campus Party H4SB — Hacking for Something Better Coming to US in 2012



Note from Beth: My colleague, Daniel Ben-Horin, from TechSoup Global has been in the nonprofit technology for decades.   He has seen it all.   But when he gets excited about an activity that could benefit the nonprofit technology sector,  I listen.      

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Tweet To Donate to Fire Victims in Texas


I’m in Austin, Texas to deliver a keynote at the Texas Nonprofit Summit:  Leading the Charge for Change.   (Check out their social media dashboard to get a sense of the discussion).   While flying over Texas, I could see smoke rising and could imagine the devastation taking place down below.   … Read More

Data-Informed, Not Data-Driven

Measurement, Organizational Culture

I saw an interesting post from Eric Petersen called “The Myth of Data-Driven Business” by way of KD Paine’s blog.   It caught my eye because we’ve working on a chapter about  how nonprofits can make the shift to a “data-driven culture.Read More