Beth Kanter's Blog - Part 133

25 SMART Social Media Objectives

Strategy, Tips

I’ve been working on a peer learning project with arts organizations called “Leveraging Social Media” based on the social media lab.   There are two cohort groups, one working on strategic use of a single channel and a more advanced group working on an integrated  strategy.   … Read More

iPads for Emergencies


This spring, CARD is working hard to get 15  iPads donated for use in their training and response efforts. iPads can be used for small and large presentations, brainstorming sessions, workshops, and other valuable work. There are also hundreds of useful apps that CARD staff can use as first responders in emergencies.… Read More

What Nonprofits Can Learn at Games for Change Festival

Conferences, Promotions

Note from Beth: Back in 2007,   I presented and attended at the Games for Change Festival.    Over the past few years, games and mobile platforms have become more and more important for nonprofits to pay attention to for their communications strategy.  

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Privacy and Security on Social Networks

E-Mediat, Privacy, Social Media Policy

A colleague recently shared this video that pokes fun of  the  “always on, gotta share everything on social networks” lifestyle for many people here in America.  It is a serious issue for professionals here in the US, especially if  they work in education or youth service nonprofits.   … Read More

Nonprofit Disruption: Evolving Models of Engagement and Support

Fundraising, Networks, Organizational Culture, Research Studies

My colleagues at The Monitor Institute  just published a study called “Disruption: Evolving Models of Engagement and Support,” a national study of member-based advocacy organizations. The study was funded by the David and Lucile Packard Foundation, The John S.… Read More