Beth Kanter's Blog - Part 134

Cancer Council SA Ambassador Project

Guest Post

Wading into the social media pond … one step at a time guest post by Matt Sarre

When Cancer Council SA (that’s South Australia, not South Africa) started the Ambassador Project as an experiment in revitalizing volunteerism and community fundraising , jumping in to the social media  pond was not even on the agenda.… Read More

What is the scaffolding for learning in public?

Networks, Reflection, Transparency

I’ve been writing about wikis (and other social technologies) can be terrific platforms for supporting professional learning in real time, but it requires a comfort level with  “learning in public.”   You can learn in public in different ways – self-directed individual learning, with a peer group or in an organization, or as a network or entire field practice.… Read More

Book: A Great How-To On Creating Social Content

Books, Content

I picked up a copy of  Content Rules by Ann Handley and CC Chapman and could not put it down.    The books shares the secrets to creating good content on social channels that engages your audiences.   They offer principles, how-to steps and tips, and case studies.… Read More

Facebook Custom Landing Tabs + Measurement = Best Practice

Tips, Tools and Tactics


Facebook Custom Landing Tabs + Measurement = Best Practice

Why:  Custom Landing Tabs

The default welcome page for your Facebook Page is your wall.   There is a more inviting welcome mat. Facebook landing pages give people reasons to like your page.  … Read More

Want Social Media Results? Learn How To Use Data for Decisions


I’m really curious about how networked nonprofits can use measurement and make decisions using data to get more impact from networked approaches.   I want to hear about your successes and challenges in making your networked nonprofit more effective using measurement and data to make decisions about effective use of emerging media.   … Read More