Beth Kanter's Blog - Part 135

Would You Climb A Mountain for Charity?


Millennials (those young, tech savvy, and passionate younger donors) will – as I learned at last month’s Millennial Donor Summit.  Millennials don’t just want to write a check to your organization – they want to combine their personal passions and interests and engage others in your mission.    … Read More

You Can Stand Up for Health Care on Twitter and Facebook, What About On Google +?

Measurement, Tools and Tactics

With the debt ceiling debate raging in our nation’s capital, health care advocates have kicked into high gear and are using new social media tactics to engage elected officials in the fight to protect health care rights – Medicare, Medicaid, and the Affordable Care Act.… Read More

Taking A Break from Blogging this Week: Ocean View Wins


Taking a break from online this week to stare at the ocean, visit family, and air out the brain.    As someone who spends a lot of time online,  breaks like this can be good for the heart, soul, and brain.    Someone referred me to this excellent post by Danah Boyd about how to take an email sabbatical.  … Read More

How Helpful is Teaching Nonprofits How to Fish?

Training Design

Flickr Photo by Minarae

Note from Beth: I was thrilled that Paul Connolly agreed to write a  guest post sharing some of the  public learning taking place through the OE Goldmine Project on the Packard Foundation OE Wiki.  As a technology trainer,  capacity builder, and consultant working with nonprofits,  I always ask the fishing question, especially since I work in the area of emerging technologies that often falls prey to Shiny Object Syndrome — (Google + anyone?

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Can You Experiment Your Way Out of the Filter Bubble?

Content, Experimentation, Strategy

One of the books in my summer reading pile is Eli Pariser’s  The Filter Bubble:  What the Internet is Hiding From You.      Last week, my Networked Nonprofit co-author Alison Fine recently interviewed the author on her monthly  Chroncile of Philanthropy podcast.  … Read More