Beth Kanter's Blog - Part 135

Relationship Building as a Measure of Impact

Guest Post, Networks

Guest Post by John Esterle

One of the themes raised up as the GEO/Monitor Institute conference came to an end was the importance of  trust and relationship building in networks. Indeed, that was my theme for the day given that I facilitated a couple of morning conversations on that topic and then in the afternoon heard Ify Mora from the Barr Foundation ( talk about how they use social network mapping to capture the relationships that have been built through their innovative Fellows Program.… Read More

Network Leadership: A Few Ingredients in the Secret Sauce

Guest Post, Networks

Guest post from Kathy Reich

For a while I’ve been puzzling over what makes a good network leader. The traditional models of organizational leadership clearly don’t apply, but then, which models do? The Grantmakers Gathering on Networks provided a few a-ha moments for me about network leadership:

  1. The first leader or leaders in a network are like first responders at the scene of a crash—they’re in charge of making things happen until the structures get set up to fully address the situation.
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Shifting our Role in the Hub

Guest Post, Networks

Guest post from Annie Hernandez

The day I heard about the concept for this gathering of grant makers I knew I had to be involved.  As a member of the planning committee, I became even more geeked out about this intimate, interactive learning opportunity.… Read More

Power and Control

Guest Post, Networks

Guest post from Marie Sauter

Among many insights gleaned from this week’s conference on “Growing Social Impact in a Networked World” (, one theme keeps recurring for me:  the importance of grantmakers sharing power and control within broadly construed networks of collaborators in the quest for social change.… Read More

Doing the Conventional, Unconventionally


Guest post by Anna Muoio

“Doing the Conventional, Unconventionally”

How Wikimedia tapped into the wisdom of its network of 100,000 global volunteers to write their strategic plan…and why


When Sue Gardner, Wikimedia’s Executive Director set out to draft her organization’s strategic plan, she didn’t do what most ED’s do: select a handpicked and “elite” team and sequester them in a room for a few days to think about the future of the organization and what needed to be done to get there.… Read More