Beth Kanter's Blog - Part 226

How KaBOOM! Is Using a Networked Approach To Scale Social Change

Networked Nonprofit

Note from Beth: Please join me on June 21st from 1-2 PM PST for the virtual launch of The Networked Nonprofit.  One of the key messages in the book is that nonprofits need to work less as isolated institutions and more as networks. 

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Keynote from My Charity Connects Conference at NetChange Week

Networked Nonprofit

Join me on June 21st from 1-2 PM PST for the virtual launch of The Networked Nonprofit.

Last week, I was in NYC to deliver a keynote with Allison Fine about our book, The Networked Nonprofit.  … Read More

Attend The Networked Nonprofit Virtual Book Launch (6/21) and Support Cambodian Kids!

Networked Nonprofit

You are invited to a virtual book launch party! Join Allison Fine and me on June 21st at 1-2 PM PST/4-5 PM EST for the launch of  The Networked Nonprofit published by Jossey-Bass.   Our party goal: Make The Networked Nonprofit a top ten bestseller in’s… Read More

Apple or Android? Which One is More Nonprofit Friendly?


This must-read editorial by Jake Shapiro, the CEO of PRX, (the company behind the popular This American Life iPhone and Public Radio Player apps, argues that Apple’s policy barring solicitation of donations by nonprofit groups is a cop-out and blocks a major revenue stream for public radion (and other nonprofits)—whose content enhances the value of Apple’s devices.… Read More

How Many Free Agents Does It Take To Change A Nonprofit Fortress?

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Allison Fine and I are honored to be delivering a conversational keynote at the Personal Democracy Forum today in New York City.   Our session is part of a series brief talks that look at the future in a networked age.  … Read More