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Guest Post Vincent Stehle: Disinfecting Dirty Elections


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Note from Beth: Last June at the New York City book party for the Networked Nonprofit,  Stephanie Strom, New York Times, moderated a discussion on the themes in the book.    Vince Stehle asked a great question about how nonprofits might use some of the ideas in the book to engage their networks around Net Neutrality and other public issues.   

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50 (More) Social Media Tactics for Nonprofits

Guest Post, Tools and Tactics

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Note from Beth: Last week I presented remotely at the Blackbaud Conference.   The big downside is that you miss out on seeing your colleagues and hearing their presentations.     Chad Norman and Melanie Mathos presented this  session which was not recorded and built on an earlier presentation.    

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What Was Your Biggest Social Media Mistake? What Did You Learn?

Experimentation, Failure

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“I made a mistake.”   Those are hard words for some people to utter when there has been a screw up and they’re responsible for it.   It is especially hard given the blame game culture that exists in most workplaces and work relationships. … Read More

Reflections from Independent Sector and Blackbaud Conferences

Networked Nonprofit, Training Design

Last week,  I had the pleasure of facilitating a Networked Nonprofit and Social Media workshop at the Independent Sector Annual Conference “Forging A Stronger Future Together” in Atlanta.   As part of my role as Visiting Scholar at the Packard Foundation, I had an opportunity to coach Independent Sector on their conference social media integration.… Read More

Corporate Altruism: The Blurring of the Lines Between CSR and Cause Marketing

Research Studies, Strategy

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Corporate Altruism: The Blurring of the Lines Between CSR and Cause Marketing by Kami Watson Huyse and Beth Kanter

Aligning with a cause is a great way for a for-profit company to both raise its profile while doing something good for society at large. … Read More