Beth Kanter's Blog - Part 228

How Networked Nonprofits Use Twitter and Other Things I learned in Vegas

Conferences, Networked Nonprofit

Last week,  I parachuted into  BlogWorld 2010 in Las Vegas for less than 24 hours.    I presented on two panels (How Nonprofits Use Twitter and CrowdSourced Philanthropy) in the Cause Track curated by Chris Noble and the good folks at WhatGives.  … Read More

What I Learned About Unpresenting from Heather Gold

Training Design

I first met Heather Gold when she did stand up comedy at the first Blogher conference in 2005.   In addition to comedy,  Heather is a keynote speaker and teaches her unique style of interactive performance in “unpresenting” workshops.

I do a lot of presenting and am spending to much time writing bullet points, creating slides, and practicing what I’m going to say.   … Read More

Video Can Help Boost Donations in End-Of-The-Year Fundraising

Fundraising, Guest Post

Photo by Fensterbme on Flickr

Note from Beth: I’m planning a year-end campaign for one of my favorite charities and wanted some good tips on incorporating video.   And since, the busy season is coming up for all you nonprofit fundraisers – year end giving and Network for Good has just announced a Year-End Giving Challenge,  I thought a guest post from Michael Hoffman about you can incorporate video to power your campaigns was in order. 

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The Networked Nonprofit Board

Leadership, Networked Nonprofit, Organizational Culture

The last chapter of the Networked Nonprofit is on networked governance.  We thought this would be an easy part of the book to write – all we’d have to do is find examples of how boards online, opening up decisionmaking to outside influences.  … Read More

Do You Have the World’s Best Nonprofit Presentation? You could win a Macbook and Projector!


I’ve been an active member of the Slideshare community, sharing, browsing, and collaborating on content and watching how nonprofits use the platform from about November 2006.  Today, I have over 200 presentations in my account, some with tens and thousands of views.  … Read More