Beth Kanter's Blog - Part 240

Alaska: And The Earth Shook Under My Feet


Yesterday afternoon during the ForakerGroup 2010 Nonprofit Leadership Summit,  I experienced my first Alaskan earthquake (4.9).    I was scared – the floor swayed and I felt like I was on boat.   Ironically, it was during a session facilitated by Phil Klein called “Tackling the Unexpected” who shared insights about he took back his life after surviving a cancer diagnosis.… Read More

Postcard From Alaska


The photo above is me at age 14 in Alaska with my mom.   We did a cruise up the inside passage and visited the small towns along the way.  I  being a typical teenager who didn’t want to be away from her friends, so I really didn’t enjoy the natural wonders of Alaska and even refused to eat a salmon dinner.… Read More

New Study: Social Media Use By Foundation Leaders

Research Studies

The Foundation Center released a report that documents the usage of social media tools by foundation executives based on survey responses from 73 members of the Center’s Grantmaker Leadership Panel.   The report outlines which social media services are used regularly or occasionally by foundation leaders, which blogs are read by CEOs and how often, the perceived usefulness of Web 2.0 in philanthropic work, and highlights the social media activity of two “power users” in the field.… Read More

Social Media: Who Will Do The Work?


No matter where I’m speaking or teaching workshops, the same questions come up …

How much time does it take to do social media effectively?
Who in our organization is going to do the work?
How are ever going to find the time to do social media?

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8 Principles of Social Media ROI


I am honored to be a part today’s WomenWhoTech online summit.   I’m doing a panel titled “Social Media ROI” with Lauren Vargas from Radian 6 and moderated by Roz Lemieux from Fission Strategy.  … Read More