Beth Kanter's Blog - Part 242

The Blue Sweater 500


A year ago Jacqueline Novogratz was featured in a  guest post from Think Social about the themes in her book, The Blue Sweater.  My first introduction to her book was from Lucy Bernholz and shortly after that James Wu from the Acumen Fund gave me a copy of  and this profile in the Economist.  … Read More

Chasing the Squirrels Out of Your Email Box: Gmail Priority Inbox


I like to joke about how using social networks like Twitter can give you “ADOLAS” (ADD, Oh, look at Squirrel!).    The reference is from the Disney/Pixar movie UP – the scenes where the talking dogs can’t finish a sentence because they get distracted by a squirrel.… Read More

The Art of Beginning for Improving Social Media Practice


Two or three years ago, I received an email from Chris Brogan asking if I would give some advice to a recent college graduate named Avi Kaplan who was interested in a career of using social media for nonprofits.   I chatted with Avi and answered some of his questions.   … Read More

Avoid Drive By Analysis: Get Your Social Media Strategy in Shape With Spreadsheet Aerobics


Successful social media is like going to the gym because the discipline of a good routine gets results much like  working out on a daily basis.

If you have put on running shoes for the first time, do you think you can really expect to win the Boston Marathon?… Read More

What Tools Are You Using for Listening, Engaging, and Social Media Management?

Engagement, Listening, Measurement

Based on the discussion threads in my Facebook page,  I’ve updated my mega list of tools in my social media listening and engaging instructional wiki.   In reflecting over the past three years,  the definition of listening tools has broadened beyond “monitoring” or “research” to include several categories:   social media engagement management,  analytics, influencer identification, and social network analysis.… Read More