Beth Kanter's Blog - Part 4

Tips & Tools To Appreciate Your Nonprofit Staff and Build A Culture of Resilience

Happy Healthy Nonprofit

As part of my work with nonprofit organizations to help them build a culture of resilience that I wrote about in the Happy Healthy Nonprofit, I have facilitated retreats where staff brainstorm ideas and identify simple ways that they can make working at their organization more enjoyable.… Read More

Nonprofits Are Adding Bots to their Social Media Teams

AI4Good, Bots

There are many chat bot authoring platforms that make it easy for anyone to create a bot without requiring the technical expertise in natural language programming.  While easy to set up, designing an effective bot for a nonprofit from scratch can be daunting. … Read More

New E-Book: #AI4Good – Nonprofit Trends and Use Salesforce.Org Cases


Salesforce.Org recently published an e-book, AI for Good: Nonprofit Trends & Use Cases. It is a good primer for nonprofits (non-techies) who want to understand what the heck AI is and how it might be useful to their nonprofit.

Just a few insights:

  • AI is already part of your life, although it might be invisible to the end user.
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#AI4Good: What Your Nonprofit Needs To Know About AI


Allison Fine, my co-author for the Networked Nonprofit, and I are actively researching the use of AI for Good, in particular to scale giving and to spread generosity.  We are most excited about the human side of AI and how it will augment the work of fundraisers and create a better experience for donors.… Read More

SalesForce.Org Study: 40% of Nonprofits Planning To Integrate AI for Marketing


SalesForce.Org recently presented a webinar where they shared a research report on marketing and engagement tools, channels, and strategies for nonprofit organizations.    I was curious to see if they were tracking current or future uses of AI.     

In the survey, they found most nonprofits plan to focus on social media & advertising, fundraising and email marketing to build out their marketing strategy over the next three to five years.… Read More