Beth Kanter's Blog - Part 94

Grantmakers for Effective Organizations Conference: What have you learned, Dorothy?

Guest Post, Organizational Culture, Philanthropy, Reflection

Note from Beth: I’m hosting a small army of guest bloggers, grantmakers, who are attending the  GeoFunders National Conference taking place this week in Seattle.   The GEO community is united by a common drive to challenge the norm in pursuit of better results.

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This Week on Beth’s Blog: Stronger Grantmaking, Stronger Nonprofits, Stronger Results

Guest Post

This week before I leave for the Middle East,   I will have the honor of presenting at the Grantmakers For Effective Organization’s Conference in Seattle.    I am doing a session called “Learning in Public” with Kathy Reich, Packard Foundation and Jared Raynor, TCC Group.  … Read More

KONY, Networked Nonprofits, and Transparency

Movement Building

On Tuesday, right before the  KONY video exploded on the mainstreams  and went viral online, my 6th grade son came home from school and announced,  ”Did you know that there are more people on Facebook today compared to the number of people on the planet ten years ago?    … Read More

New Facebook Brand Page for Beth’s Blog: With A Little Help from My Friends


Like many of you, when Facebook unveiled the new brand page guidelines – I was stressed out.     With a big training project in the Middle East less than a week away,  I was short on time.   And, if you’re photoshop  and graphically challenged,  making the switch to the new brand page format could cause  a double whammy of panic.… Read More

Message It: How to Make the Most of Your New Facebook Page

Guest Post, Strategy, Tips


Note from Beth: I’ve been working with John Haydon over the past week to get my Facebook Page ready to go (and it’s gonna rock can’t wait to show it off!).    As part of the process, I’ve been looking at what other nonprofits have done to get ideas.  

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