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A Few Good Pinterest Tools, Tips, and Resources

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Back in January, I wrote a post about Pinterest  as a curation tool to organize and share visual content I’ve collected in a pleasing visual way.   As the platform has evolved over the past few months,  there are some other benefits including driving traffic and conversions and more recently how pinning helps encourage audiences to “like” the brand more.

I’ve be facilitating a few introductory workshops and briefings about Pinterest for nonprofits with a goal of explaining it, what it does, benefits, and examples of how nonprofits and others are using it.     I’ve been actively curating  tools, research, and tips and have found some great ones that I’m sharing sharing below.

Source Convince and Convert

1.    Integration

Convince and Convert has a terrific post by Chris Sietsama called  “Abandonment Issues: What To Do With Content Archipelagos” in which he asks you take a bird’s eye view of your content and figure out if there is a content area that is “standing alone” and not integrated into your overall strategy.  He suggests doing an inventory and asking how each contributes to your overall goals and whether it is measurable.    Based on the answer, either repurpose, abandon, or bring into the fold.

If you’re just starting to think about adding Pinterest to your content strategy or if you jumped in before you had a strategy, you can do this type of questioning on the front end, perhaps coming up with a small experiment that supports an overall goal and a measurement strategy.

2.   Research

You might also want to spend some time doing a little research on site and browse some of the pinterest stat sites.   This will help you get a sense of the users and whether or not Pinterest is a good fit for your content.

Repinly is a site that analyzes Pinterest users and content.  You can discover the most popular categories for pins and boards, how users spend their time, and most followed users.    Checking out top pinners is a good way to learn best practices.

You will also want to take a look at what and how other nonprofits are using Pinterest.   There are several Pinterest boards that showcase nonprofit users like these:  Nonprofit Organizations,  Nonprofit Pinterest Ideas, and Nonprofits on Pinterest.   For more ideas, see this list of 50 nonprofits on Pinterest.

It also might be worth doing a little research on PinME and see if any your existing content has already been pinned by other users.  I was surprised to find so much of my blog content pinned by others.

3.   Mindful Implementation


Once you have done your research and have a basic concept for a pilot or action learning project for Pinterest that supports your overall objectives AND is integrated with your content strategy,  now it is time to establish good practices.    The above image is a chunk out of an useful infographic “64 Pinterest Marketing Tips,”  simply use it as a template and tackle a half-dozen or so techniques per week for 30 minutes a day.    If you practice Pinterest like you would practice piano etudes, you’ll master the basics quickly and get better results.

I’m curating How-Tos and Tips for using Pinterest here and here if you want to explore other tips and tricks.

4.   A Few Pinterest Measurement Tools

Most importantly, you’ll want a way to measure against your overall goals – so you can track whether the small experiment is working or not.       There are many  tools that can help you, here’s a few that help with measuring your Pinterest use:

Pinpuff is a sort of klout for pinterest that gives you a number from 1-100 that indicates your “pinfluence.”    The site gives you suggestions of other users collecting similar content.

And while there is some bogus stats that attempts to give you a dollar amount per pin,  the site does generate some useful data for you.  For example, you can a list of the followers, repins, and likes for all your boards.

A similar site is PinReach which gives you an number from 1-100 and suggests influential followers.   It also shows trending pins, topics, and users, although I found it too general to be of use.

Probably the best one is Pinerly and I’m on the waiting list.   Based on this analysis from the Poynter Blog, it looks like it generates useful metrics.

How is your organization using pinterest strategically?  What type of pilot test are you doing?   Have you explored any of the measurement tools or other management tools?



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  1. Thanks Beth for this great information on Pinterest. I tried PinMe and learned something I did not know. I first tried Pinterest after you wrote your post in January on curation and I liked it right away. It is a very nice, clean, visual communication tool. Two of my boards that get a lot of repins are “Wishlist of Books for Nonprofit Folk” and “Philanthropists.” And then of course the boards I have in support of my Grandma Chronicles blog attract a whole different crowd.

  2. Please add Church World Service to your list of nonprofits on Pinterest!! http://www.pinterest.com/cwsglobal 🙂

  3. Justine says:

    Hi Beth,

    Love your blog…such a rich resource! Is there anyway I can subscribe via email? I tried clicking on that option on the right hand side but it’s not an active link!


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  5. Beth – thank you for including my recent presentation! I’m glad to hear your perspective on all of this, especially those analytics tools. Hadn’t heard of PinMe either. Thanks!

  6. Jessica says:

    We just launched our (free) Pinterest 101 tutorial today. http://www.gcflearnfree.org/pinterest101 Feel free to use it with any of your presentations or information you pass along to non profits (we also have free Social Media tutorials for Facebook, Twitter, and Skype if you’d like to use those too!) http://www.gcflearnfree.org/socialmedia

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  8. Jay Baer says:

    Super post. Very interesting, and a bunch of stuff I didn’t know. Thank you! Thanks too for the kind words about Chris’ post on my blog.


  9. Beth says:

    Jay: Always enjoy your blog and content. Loved your visual for content strategy too

    Aliza: Your presentation rocked it .. love your new photo too.

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  14. Krista says:

    Great list! I would also add http://www.make-a-pin.com/, it allows you to generate an image of multiple products, apps, books and pin as one collage. Easy and slick.

  15. Vincent says:

    Hi Beth,
    Thanks for this introduction to many Pinterest tools.
    I am one of the creator of another tool, called Pinalyzer : http://www.pinalyzer.com . It combines analytics and suggestion algo. I’d love to explain it to you further if you’d like to include it in one of your post.

  16. Sreevidya says:

    Check Pingraphy.com only tool in market providing long waited Bulk upload and Schedule of pins to Pintrest


  17. Beth says:

    Hi, I tried to sign up for pingraphy, but it would not recognize my pinterest account automatically after several attempts. So, can’t check it out.

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  19. Lee Zukor says:

    Thanks for this post. I’m turned off by the descriptions of interest as “the greatest way to sell things online, ever” and the like. I’m much more interested in your tips, how it fits into an overall content strategy, and how to use it to curate things that matter.

  20. Beth says:

    Lee, I’m turned off by that as well, but some nonprofits do have stores. For example Museums, so it might be useful info.

    I’m using pinterest as a way to curate visual information right. So, not so much in the promotion side, and more on the content curation/creation side.

  21. Lee Zukor says:

    It does force you to think about where you can add value on the curation side, which I really like.

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  23. […] I’ve been actively curating tools, research, and tips and have found some great ones that I’m sharing sharing below. – Beth Kanter  […]