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Project for Awesome Pays It Forward


Project Awesome is pretty, well, awesome.

The best video makers on YouTube rally and create videos for their favorite charities.    Then they ask their networks to vote the best.  The voting is over, so now we wait.

The video above was created by Karen Kavett to promote charity:water and how awesome they are, including their new fundraiser, Waterforward, that is a brilliant networked approach to fundraising and incorporate game mechanics.  (I wrote about it here)

Watch the video and you’ll see that Shawn Ahmed (@uncultured), me and Dan Martell are in it.    Dan made a donation to charity:water Waterforward to get me into the book, in turn I donated and one of the people I bought into the book was Shawn who in turn bough Karen into the book.

To bring it full circle, check out Shawn’s video for Project Awesome.

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