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Go Reboot Yourself: Get A Grip on Tech

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It may be the dog days of summer, but it is also that time of year to pitch your panel idea for March’s South by Southwest (SXSW) Interactive festival, one of the largest gatherings of technology geeks.    SXSW uses a crowdsourcing process to get feedback on panel proposals by having potential speakers post their idea on the Panel Picker and ask their networks to vote.  It’s a very competitive process with 10 ideas being pitched for every one selected.   So, I really need your help by voting for proposed idea.

The proposed session title “Go Reboot Yourself: Get A Grip on Tech” and I hope to be co-facilitating with Aliza Sherman, a web and social mobile pioneer whose work helped shape the early new media industry.   We will examine how professionals communicate, access information, and connect to one another at work, revealing both the positive and negative changes our rapid technology adoption has caused over the last decade.

This interactive session will provide a roadmap for anyone seeking to gain more from technology with less intrusions on work, attention, and wellbeing. Learn how to develop and sustain healthy and balanced technology use habits and how to advocate for a healthier workplace.  The session will address the following question:

  1. Why is our current relationship with tech and workplace culture so toxic and how can we change it?
  2. How can we use technology to help us be more productive, happy, and healthier at work?
  3. What is the secret to “balancing” tech in our work, family, and personal lives?

In the last handful of years, people have been talking and writing about the effects of rapid technology adoption on our society, our relationships and our selves. Our session will take a very practical approach, filling our session with tangible options, alternatives, and activities to shift from tech possessed to tech happy. We want to help others change their habits at work and at home and share examples of how organizations can integrate tech wellness into their workplace culture and wellness programs.

The concept of revitalizing yourself is hot topic with nonprofit professionals.  Nancy Schwartz, nonprofit communications guru, recently wrote a terrific post about 6 Now or Never Summer Reboots, with some great ideas.  We hope our session will generate many practical approaches that can be implemented throughout the year.

So, please take a moment to vote for our SXSW session

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