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According to PC World, Yahoo will shut down several of its Web properties, including Delicious,  according to a leaked Yahoo presentation slide that was posted on Twitter.

I was hoping this was just a rumor. Oh, say it ain’t so …. but this TechCrunch confirms the demise of one of my favorite tools pointing to this post by Liz Gannes.

My early days in social media were spent immersed in tagging and social bookmarking.   Marnie Webb introduced me to the NpTech Tag and a whole nonprofit tech community embraced it.    My first screencast was about tagging and featured the social bookmarking service, delicious.

I met Joshua Schacter in 2005 at the Berkman Center and heard him speak  shortly before delicious was acquired by Yahoo.   He described delicious as a “memory platform that helps you remember information with other people.”   And, that is precisely how I’ve used my delicious account that has 5902 bookmarks — as a memory platform to write blog posts.

I hope he shares it ...

Now, I’m faced with finding a new memory platform.  Delicious got its start because Schacter had created the tool for his own needs. So, I’m half hoping his tweet isn’t tongue in check.

Alyson Kapin set up this petition Yahoo to make open source:

Gizmodo has this post explaining how to export your bookmarks and a pointer to an old Lifehacker post with some alternatives.  Here’s a google document that has the pros/cons of the alternatives.

One the alternatives that I heard about was Diigo.

Diigo is different from most bookmarking tools; it allows you to not only save the URL of a website, but annotate it, archive it (instead of merely saving the address of it), and share both your bookmarks and archived research with others. Even if you’re currently only interested in a bookmarking service, it’s nice to know that if you wish to expand your scope to archiving pages and collecting text in addition to just bookmarking URLs, you can do so easily with Diigo. You can access Diigo through their website, via the Diigo toolbar for Firefox and Internet Explorer, via bookmarklet, or via the Diigo Chrome extension.

So, I’ve exported by bookmarks and have imported them into diigo and now patiently waiting …. while I explore other options.

Thomas Vanderwal suggested pinboard which looks like an early version of delicious or perhaps Schacter’s simple clone.   Aliza Sherman and Amy Sample Ward suggested Pearless, a visual bookmarking tool.   Michele Martin offers her thoughts on alternatives, as does Marnie Webb who links to folks from the NpTech Community, including  Marshall Kirkpatrick at ReadWriteWeb, Peter Campbell for Idealware, Kabissa, and Alexandra Samuel over at the Harvard Business Review.

Update:   Yahoo posted today that they are planning to sell delicious, not close it.   This prompted a pr crisis – see Danny Sullivan’s post.

If you have been dependent on delicious,  what bookmarking service are you switching too?

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  1. John Powers says:

    Thanks for doing this post. It’s not that I use the social aspects Delicious that much, but feel a real pang missing them. My memory is like Swiss Cheese, so I definitely need a bookmarking service. With much back and forth decided to use pinboard. Urg! hate having to make decisions like this.

  2. Beth – I just started a petition aimed at @Yahoo to make Delicious open source

    So many folks have used Delicious for years and have thousands of bookmarks saved. I would love to see it opened up to the open source community to possibly manage.

  3. Beth,

    I’m really surprised that Delicious may be shutting down. Do they not have any business model? I had long ago moved from Delicious to Diigo, because of its additional bookmarking benefits, and was always surprised it wasn’t more popular. But I it is a bummer if Delicious goes away. I’ve bookmarked tons of stuff that others have posted on Delicious, for review some day.

  4. Favbot says:

    Favbot offers automatic import and free hosting for Delicious bookmarks. Once imported, you can use your bookmarks just like before except for the small change in the url

    You should check out the other features of Favbot too : – it makes manual bookmarking obsolete, actually. The tool automatically bookmarks for you. It even crawls the links you shared on Twitter etc.

    I’m curious to know what you think about it.

  5. The beauty and real loss of delicious isn’t MY bookmarks. Sure, it was convenient to have my bookmarks available from different browsers, and not have to worry about losing them from my HD, but it was the aggregation, the search, /popular and /tag/popular that are really useful to me. Marshall Kirkpatrick wrote a bit about that today.

    Delicious’s source isn’t its most valuable asset by any stretch – it’s all those bookmarks and tags. If Yahoo couldn’t make it financially viable to run Delicious, I’m having a hard time seeing how opening the source helps anyone. Noone’s going to be able to attract all the users, and even if they could, how do you pay to keep that infrastructure running?

    Adding – a couple more round-ups of alternatives:

  6. Brady says:

    Evernote!!!!! I love it for everything, and use it for my bookmarks. Similar to Diigo it has a lot of functionality after ‘clipping’ the page.

    Also, thanks for writing about the apple / iphone donation issue; it is truly appreciated.

  7. Megan Keane says:

    Beth, thanks so much for this. After lamenting the loss of and exporting my bazillion bookmarks, I was pondering where to go for an alternative. And viola, I stumbled upon your helpful post. I will check out some of these options and let you know what I end up sticking with!

    As a side note, it struck me how this is a good lesson in remembering that tools can be fleeting. Always good to have a backup (for your data) and backup plan (being flexible and open to adapting to a new solution). Just unfortunate that we have to do so– has been such a useful tool to me for the last five years or so.

  8. Thanks, this is helpful. I downloaded Evernote earlier today but haven’t installed it yet; just signed up for my Diigo account and I’m waiting patiently, just like you. One thing to note — Diigo has some limits on its free services but they seem pretty generous (unlimited bookmarks; 1000 highlights a year; but only 5 images saved from web pages).

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  10. Claire Sale says:

    Thanks for the petition, Allyson! I just signed it. And, thanks for the hint on Diigo, Beth, I just created an account:

  11. Hello Beth, yes i got nervous about delicious a couple of years back when microsoft was threatening to buy yahoo.. and i realised at the same time how difficult it was to back up your delicious bookmarks.

    So i switched over to Diigo, which i really like. One of the good points was that Diigo would double up each new bookmark back over to delicious for you.. although that won’t be so useful in the future, apparently. Diigo’s sidebar isn’t quite up to delicious’ version (at least in chrome), but they have many good features worth exploring.

    There also seems to be more opportunity for genuine networking at Diigo, which could get a boost when a bunch of new people ride the wave out of this potentially collapsing service.

    Would be terrific if yahoo would open source their app.. seems the best option. Would be nice if we could actually host it on our own servers – decentralise the web2 connections a bit?

    regards, micahel

  12. Nick Temple says:

    Also thanks for the post, Beth. Ironically, read this in the ‘new’ version of Bloglines which I’ve had to migrate to…(not ideal).

    We integrate bookmarks straight onto our main website as “current reading”…presumably these other tools have RSS feeds available to do the same?


  13. Thomas Ho says:

    While you’re migrating to Diigo, check out Amplify which will enable you to autopost to Diigo as well as Tumblr and Posterous while you’re curating content. It’d be great to add many new voices from the non-profit community to the Amplify community!

  14. Erik Karff says:

    I had the same experience when I 1st started using and learning about social media. It was all about bookmarking. I used some messy systems, spreadsheets and the like. Then, I found Delicious. A breath of fresh air!

    I’m curious what you all think of Diigo so far. Not sure if I’m in love yet. I was def in love with Delicious!

  15. Beth says:

    Claire: I also tested and really liked it because of its simplicity … it comes down to making a new habit!

  16. Claire Sale says:

    Cool, let me know how it goes! I’d definitely be interested to hear which new bookmarking tool you go with.

  17. Scott Meis says:

    What a major, major bummer. Sheesh Yahoo. Thanks for laying this out Beth, smooth export/import process.

  18. I share my delicious bookmarks related to the topic of just about every webinar we do, so this is a big bummer for us. But I’ve moved everything over to diigo, so we’ll see how it goes. Really hope Yahoo continues to treat Flickr better!

  19. Robin Mohr says:

    So sad. I still use my Delicious accounts, not quite every day, but close. One for work and one for personal bookmarks. Another example of relying too much on free products.

    The person who introduced me to Delicious has already switched to Diigo as well.

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