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Book: Cause Marketing for Dummies

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Joe Waters, who writes the Selfish Giving Blog, has published a book, Cause Marketing for Dummies and was kind enough to send me a copy.  I have not finished reading the whole book cover to cover, word for word but I did have a chance to read a couple of chapters.

Cause Marketing is a partnership between a nonprofit and for-profit for mutual benefit.    The book gives a nonprofit or business everything they need to know to get started, create and implement a plan.  There is also a detailed section about adding an online component.    Joe has been blogging about this topic for a long time, so book is filled with case studies from the nonprofit and for-profit sector about lessons learned from partnerships.

Since I have my nose to the ground working on a book with KD Paine on social media measurement, I immediately went to the pages about measuring success.   The chapter was less about why, what, and how to measure and more about evaluating your program, educating partners, and reiterating on your program.    The chapter also talks about what may happen in real life:  a sponsor may not be happy with the results and the book offers some good tips for dealing with this situation.

There is a detailed chapter that discusses how to use the Internet and social media to raise money and build awareness.    It covers group buying sites, Facebook “Like” Campaigns,  Fundraising with Twitter Hashtags,  and Blogs.  It also covers how to use sites like Quora and Online Contests.  There is a whole chapter devoted to location-based Cause Marketing, featuring case studies of campaigns that used Four Square, Facebook Places, QR Codes, and SCVNGR.

As is the style of the Dummies series,  Joe Waters has given us an easy to understand  manual on how to do Cause Marketing chocked full of  tactical information and tips.

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  1. Nice review, Beth. Cause Marketing for Dummies follows in the best tradition of the “for Dummies” series by taking what can be a very complex topic and breaking down into simpler ideas. For that alone, it’s well worth the read.