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Using Social Media To Accomplish More With Less

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Join me on Tuesday, July 13th at 1 PM EST/1o am PST for a webinar hosted by Networked for Good “Using Social Media to Accomplish More with Less.”    It’s free and three lucky participants will win a copy of the book.  I’ll be talking about some of themes in the book and sharing some tips for streamlining your social media use.

One of the most common questions I hear is when I do workshops is, “How much time does it take to do social media?”.  It is usually followed by an observation that the organization is so resourced and time strapped that they can’t invest time doing anything that doesn’t provide an immediate and maximized return.   So, they don’t go further with their social media.  A common mistake.

One of the thing that Networked Nonprofits have in common is simplicity.   It clarifies organizations and forces them to focus their energy on what they do best, while leveraging resources of their networks for the rest.   Simplicity powers more informal connections between people, blurs boundaries, and enables nonprofits to scale efforts better than a single organization could.

Embracing simplicity helps nonprofits move from scarcity lens to that of abundance and allows them to leverage their networks through social media.  Here’s a couple of examples:

The SFSPCA has connected with social media savvy volunteers that now create content and manage some of their social media channels such as the Litter Did You Know blog and YouTube Channel.

Los Angeles Universal Preschool Parent Ambassadors on Facebook

Los Angeles Universal Preschool mission is to make voluntary, high-quality preschool available to every 4-year-old in Los Angeles County, regardless of their family’s income.  They have a group of parent ambassadors who work on land to spread the word about high quality preschool.  This group also has a Facebook Fan Page where they provide the same role online.

Preschool California uses Twitter to connect with journalists.  They discovered that Tweets are more informal, less time consuming than email so journalists may be more likely to read.   Despite only having a few interactions with reporters, Preschool California still retweeted and commented on a number of articles, garnering responses from other advocates and interested Twitter users, which helped increase their issue exposure to a larger audience that focus on early childhood education and are using Twitter.

Using social media can help nonprofits find people and other organizations with good ideas an interest in working together.  This is the leverage that they need to stop doing everything alone while ensure that a lot is getting done in their networks.     These organizations and people are right there, in the network, on Facebook or Twitter, waiting to connect with and support your organization’s efforts.

How are you using social media to accomplish more with less?  Have a story?   Leave it in the comments below and win a free copy of the book or this nifty Networked Nonprofit t-shirt created by NTEN.

Update:  Slides and Resource List from Webinar

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  1. Ashley says:

    Thanks so much, Beth, for all the information on using social media to leverage your non-profit! So, is the webinar on Tuesday or July 14? The 14th is on a Wednesday. Thanks so much!

  2. Brock Warner says:

    Hi Beth,

    Here is how I’ve cut down my time spent on social media, without cutting back on quality interaction:

    1: Find a social media aggregator that works for you (for me, it is Hootsuite)

    2: Set specific goals, i.e. 1-2 original tweets per day, 1-2 retweets, 1 facebook status update, etc.

    3: Set the time aside, and stick to that schedule. For example, plan on 20 mins in the morning, and 20 mins at the end of the day.

    These are very simple, but if used in combination with all of the great advice on blogs like yours, any nonprofit can begin to build a reputable social media presence.

    Brock Warner

  3. Beth says:

    Ashley: Thanks so much for catching that. The webinar is on Tuesday, July 13th. I’ve corrected it.

    Brock: Great tips!!

  4. Our nonprofit made a video to showcase our cause & encouraged our student volunteers to donate their Facebook status to share a statistic (polio vaccines are only $0.60) & link to the video to learn more & a call-to-action page (donation page, links to fundraiser event registrations) to do something.

  5. Selina says:

    Establishing our Facebook presence has been paramount to our fundraising successes this year. Thanks to utilizing Facebook’s Event apps and share features on our website and in our eNewsletters, we were able to triple the turn out at one of our annual events and establish a new fundraiser that projected us in to a realm of participation that none of us expected.

  6. Matt Hurst says:

    People to People has a great story of using Facebook to raise money using the Causes application. Together we developed a fundraiser we call the Birthday Challenge (, in which Facebook users can ask their friends to donate to their favorite cause in lieu of birthday gifts. We did pretty well, and the story could be easy to repeat at another non-profit.

  7. Lynn Householder-Glenn says:

    We have a team of volunteer bloggers and facebook supporters who write posts and leave comments to garner online interaction. One staff member organizes and posts, but we couldn’t have a vibrant online community without our volunteers!

  8. When you update your status it’s important for your community to feel there is a person behind it! We find that people really want to share so asking for your communities input is crucial! Don’t forget to follow up and take their advice:)

  9. Ray Gordon says:

    Hi Beth,

    Thanks so much for a great webinar yesterday. I took a lot away from it. During your presentation you mentioned a spreadsheet template you use to organize your postings to the different media. I wonder if you’d share that? Thanks again, Ray

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  11. […] Join me on Tuesday, July 13th at 1 PM EST/1o am PST for a webinar hosted by Networked for Good "Using Social Media to Accomplish More with Less." It's free and three lucky participants will win a copy of the book. I'll be talking about some of…  […]

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