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Help Us Launch The Networked Nonprofit With A Splash!

Networked Nonprofit

You are invited to a virtual book launch party! Join Allison Fine and me on June 21st at 1-2 PM PST/4-5 PM EST for the launch of  The Networked Nonprofit published by Jossey-Bass.  The virtual launch will take place on Twitter (#netnon) and Ustream (

If we get a single  pre-order for 100 or more copies of the book from one individual, we’ll jump in the pool (with our cloths on – we aren’t Esther Williams look a likes!).   We’ll do this live on camera (but get out of the pool off camera).  It will work like this, for the first pre-order of 100, I’ll jump. Second order of 100, Allison will make a splash. (email the Amazon receipt to me at beth AT bethkanter dot ORG)

Our party goal: Make The Networked Nonprofit a top ten bestseller in’s business book section before the book is issued (Official release date: July 6).   And if you are going to buy a copy, please wait until the party and to preorder your copy on Amazon.  Together as a group we can make The Networked Nonprofit a business bestseller! Plus,  I’m donating all of my profits to the Sharing Foundation, which helps to care for Cambodia’s children. Allison is donating to the Hope for Henry Foundation, which provides gifts to children in hospitals with chronic diseases.

More Incentives!

NTEN has created t-shirts and we’ll be giving away  the t-shirts to the first 25 people who purchase five or more copies and email me (beth at bethkanter dot org)  the Amazon receipt.

Remember Esther Williams?

Help us make a splash on Launch Day!

4 Responses

  1. Hi Beth, Congratulations on the book release; that’s very exciting. I have been following your blog for quite some time and I really enjoy your insights and following your offline/online activities.

    I will definitely be purchasing one of your books on the launch date. Are you and Allison donating all profits from the launch date sales to the charities listed above or for ALL book sales?

  2. Beth says:

    Hi Eric:

    I’m donating my share of the profits/royalties to the Sharing Foundation for all book sales, not just the launch.

  3. […] not that kind of video you sicko. This kind. Beth has a great new book coming out and want’s you to attend the virtual book […]

  4. wow, thats really admirable of you. Good luck:)