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Do You Love the Ocean?


Online fundraising for #OceanLoveEarl A Virtual Paddle Out for #Earl Kanter, MD

As many of you may know from following me on social media channels, my father, Earl Kanter MD, passed away this week.   People cope with grief in different ways.  In an age of connectedness and networks, grieving online is a new way of expressing grief and there are different stages  as my colleague, Sarah Granger, who is working on a book in topic points out.

My online grieving is focused on celebrating my Dad, what he loved, and looking for a way to make it bigger than just our family.      I decided to focus on his love of the ocean and surfing.   What could I do online to honor his memory and to help metabolize my grief?  I came up with two ideas:

  • An online fundraiser
  • An online memorial event

Online Fundraiser

I decided to do a fundraiser for Surf Rider Foundation because their mission closely aligns with something that my father loved: the ocean and surfing.    I was introduced to Surf Rider Foundation during my first year as Visiting Scholar at the David and Lucile Packard Foundation.  I did this video with Chad Nelson who is in charge of their ocean conservation initiatives and Surf Rider Foundation has been featured in both my books.  So, I know they are a very capable organization. I know that supporting their work to help protect the ocean —  his love for ocean will live on through their work.

I set up an online fundraiser at Razoo called OceanLoveEarl and I have been astounded at the outpouring of generosity – without a direct ask.    In four days,  over $3,000 from 61 donors has been raised to support Surf Rider Foundation.    Please make a donation to SurfRider Foundation in my Dad’s memory if you care about the ocean.

Virtual Paddle Out:  #Ocean Love Earl – July 3, 2013

To honor my Dad’s memory and his love of the ocean, I am organizing a virtual “Paddle out” on Twitter and Facebook #OceanLoveEarl on July 3, 2013.  If you are not familiar with surf culture, an offline paddle out is a memorial service in the water that surfers do to honor a fellow surfer who has passed away.  The surfers paddle out to a suitable location with flower leis around their necks or with loose flowers (sometimes held between their teeth). The participants then get into a circular formation, hold hands, and silently pray. Sometimes they will raise their clasped hands skyward before tossing their flowers or leis into the center of the ring.

On July 3, I want join hands with people who knew my dad, surfers, and other people or organizations who care deeply about the ocean to celebrate his memory and great love for the ocean by tweeting or posting with the hashtag #OceanLoveEarl with a link to the fundraiser for Surf Rider Foundation, your favorite ocean story, or your favorite link that educates about ocean conservation.   For me, it was my Dad.    Jim Moriarty, the CEO of Surf Rider Foundation, wrote this wonderful blog post about reflecting on “Who Connected You To The Ocean?” to share why he loves the ocean.

I hope you will participate.  If you are on Twitter or Facebook, you can  sign up for A ThunderClap that will send a tweet or Facebook automatically on July 3rd to kick off the virtual memorial service.

Thank you


5 Responses

  1. David Unger says:

    Beth, I am really sorry to hear about the passing of your father.

    After reading about him I have some degree of confidence that we may have crossed paths, as I lived in Margate from ’85-’88.

    My thoughts and condolences are with you and your family.


  2. Beth Kanter says:

    Thank you so much David – you might have known my sister or younger brother.

  3. Kate Wing says:

    I’m so sorry, Beth, but what a wonderful expression of love and a way to rippled out the celebration across your network. I’m proud to know you, to hear of your dad’s love for the ocean, and to support Surfrider.

  4. Beth says:


    Thank you so much! On July 3, there will be virtual paddle out. I’m encouraging people to tweet with the hashtag #OceanLoveEarl and share their favorite ocean story or ocean conservation link. More information is here:

    I’m going to load up my buffer account to tweet every hour at 23 minutes past – and it will be an ocean conservation link or ocean champion.

  5. Faizan Uzma says:

    Really sorry to hear about ur father. RIP. I am sure he must be a proud father that after leaving this world. He has left a great legacy. And fundraising idea is just amazing!