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SXSW Scholarships for Nonprofits



As I travel around the world to lead trainings or train other trainers to help nonprofits master networked approaches and using social media effectively,  I often get asked this question.  “What are some must-attend events for someone who works with nonprofit and wants to attend a conference?”   Well, there are many, many options if you take a quick look at this of nonprofit and social change events over at Socialbrite.

We know that most nonprofits have limited travel and conference budgets, so if I cut it down to three options, they would be:

SXSW is a huge event – the hotel, travel, and conference registration fee can add up and be out of reach for many nonprofit budgets.   However, they do offer scholarships!   This program recognizes individuals from all sectors and from anywhere in the world who are using new media to push the boundaries of tackling community problems. Non profit leaders, grassroots organizers, individual citizens, and civic-minded entrepreneurs are all eligible. We’re looking for people whose work (whether it’s a job, a hobby or volunteer) helps people through technology.    You have to submit a 300-word essay by September, 14th.   Details are here.

The SXSW agenda is determined, in part, by a community vote – which closes on August 31st.    There are many proposals for nonprofit-oriented sessions, but here’s a curated list that you can vote for.   KD Paine and I have pitched a panel on Social Media Nonprofit Measurement — and we hope you’ll take an opportunity to vote for our panel before voting closes!   Thank you.

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  3. David says:

    Thanks for helping us spread the word.

  4. Beth says:

    I’m doing a write up for the 2013 program tomorrow! Thanks for sharing some the info about it with me …

  5. Hi, it’s Tammy Lynn from SXSW Interactive. Thanks for the informative post!

    I did want to let you know that the deadline for the scholarship for a 2014 SXSW Interactive registration is actually this **Friday, July 26** (not Sept 14). Just an FYI for those interested to get their essays in as soon as they can this week.

  6. Beth says:

    Hi Tammy,

    This is a post from 2012 that I wrote to help promote your 2013 scholarship program. I just published a post yesterday promoting the 2014 program.

    The post is here: