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Vote for these SXSW Nonprofit Panels


For many years, the SXSW Festival has used an open application and voting process to select panels for the premiere event for digital and online professionals that takes place every year in Austin, TX.      With the launch of “Measuring the Networked Nonprofit” co-authored with KD Paine, we thought we do a reprise of our popular panel in 2009, “Social Media, Nonprofit, ROI Poetry Slam.”   That panel marked the beginning of my friendship and collaboration with KD Paine which lead to our book, which is going to be entertaining and practical look at how to measure all things networked nonprofit.    The panel includes the same participants and will be looking back and forward about how social media measurement practices in the nonprofit sector have evolved.

The description:  Social Media Nonprofit Measurement:  Beyond the BS

This panel will dramatically demonstrate how the practice of measurement, social media, social change, and networks have evolved over the past 5 years. In 2009, the “Social Media ROI Poetry Slam” SXSW lead to a book “Measuring the Networked Nonprofit.” The thesis: For nonprofit organizations there are two key processes that lead to social change: To become networked, and to use measurement. The book’s co-authors, Beth Kanter and KD Paine will facilitate an updated of the original poetry-slam session with the same four nonprofit leaders about they have used networked strategies and measurement to improve results and transform failure into success. Panelists will deliver their case studies in verse and the authors will provide expert feedback .

You can vote for our session here.

There are many, many interesting nonprofit and social change panels in the panel picker.  Here’s a few worth checking out and voting for:

Connective Consciousness: Why Influencer Back Channels Work – This panel I’m on with Sarah Granger, Brian Reich, and Ritambra Rana is going to rawk!

Why are Foundations so behind nonprofits in social: coordinated by Jereme Bivins

New Radical Online Community: coordinated by Debra Askanese

Humanizing Goes Deeper Then Social Media Tactics – – coordinated by Maddie Grant

New Tools for Digital Justice – – coordinated by Mike Medow

LOL Cats Are Cute, But Can They Save Lives? – coordinated Olivia Melikhov

What’s Up Doc?  Social Engagement in Disasters coordinated by Wendy Harman

Moving Past Pixels: Claiming Your Strategic Voice – coordinated by Eve Simon (Be sure to see all the great panels Beaconfire has put together for voting)

Social Media Smackdown: Online VS Offline Impact – coordinated by Kayta Andresen

The Nonprofit Narrative – coordinated by Dan Portnoy

Introducing the Giving Graph – coordinated Jenna Sauber

Diplomacy 2.0 – Lovisa Williams, speaker

There were thousands of entries – so I probably missed a couple of good nonprofit panels.  If you are proposing a panel, leave a comment.  I’ll be tweeting out SXSW links this week.

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