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TechNow Conference Keynote Aliza Sherman, Co-Author Happy Healthy Nonprofit


TechNow is a one-day regional conference that connects nonprofits with the technology resources, information and people it needs to succeed taking place on October 19, 2017. But most exciting of all is that my Happy Healthy Nonprofit co-author, Aliza Sherman, will be the featured keynote.She will share ideas in our book about self-care and avoiding burnout, especially the kind that is cause by technology use.

If you don’t alreay know my co-author, Aliza Sherman,   she helped pave the way for women online and in the Internet industry. That’s where I first met her back in early 1990s. She is a web and social mobile pioneer whose work helped shape the early new media industry. In addition to starting the first woman-owned Internet company in the early 90s, Cybergrrl, Inc., she has been writing, speaking and consulting about social media since 2006 and social mobile marketing since 2010. She is also well known for her expertise on women’s technology and business issues.

In addition to working with me on The Happy, Healthy Nonprofit, she is a prolific author, having written 11 books.

This conference will be 14th annual TechNow Conference, organized by The Bayer Center for Nonprofit Management at Robert Morris University.   The conference was named one of the best Nonprofit Conferences by Every Action.  So, if you work for a nonprofit in the Pittsburgh regional area, this is a must attend conference. Register today!

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