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Happy Thanksgiving: Check out #Goodspotting and EpicThanks


Happy Thanksgiving!   It’s that time of year when we are ready to open our hearts in gratitude and do good things for others.     I’d like to highlight two wonderful campaigns that could be wonderful ways to show your gratitude.

While some folks may be out shopping the day after Thanksgiving, the Case Foundation would like to invite you to go#GoodSpotting. To celebrate all of the good going on around us, they’ve created a huge, global image gallery of people, organizations and businesses doing good this holiday on their Facebook page – because they believe that #GoodSpotting is everywhere, and something everyone can do.

The call to action?  Snap a picture on your phone or camera and upload it to the Case Foundation Facebook page, or through another online photo-sharing service (Instagram, TwitPic, yFrog), and share on Twitter with the hashtag #GoodSpotting.

And as an extra reward for getting involved in sharing the good this holiday season, you can enter our #Goodspotting sweepstakes for a chance to win up to $500 in holiday spending cash for yourself, and up to a $5,000 donation to the nonprofit of your choice. Go participate and if you happen to be the winner, go donate the money to Stacey Monk’s, founder of epic change, new amazing project, LaLaLove.  I just uploaded a screen of John Haydon dong some good!

Stacey is one who launched the first social media infused gratitude campaign during Thanksgiving back in 2008,successfully raising money for a school project Tanzania.   Every Thanksgiving since,  Stacey has launched a gratitude campaign.  This year epic thanks is asking you to share a photo of gratitude and make a thankful gift.  In a recent email, she described her newest project:

In years past, our gratitude has been invested in changemakers from the US, Tanzania and Nepal to build classrooms, a library, a children’s technology lab, a temporary home for disabled veterans, and more. This year, we aim to build a secondary school out of gratitude for Gideon, Leah & their classmates so that they can continue their educations in Mama Lucy’s loving care.  By contributing $10 in honor of whatever you’re most thankful for, you can add a brick to the school.  With $100, you’ll be invited to share your own thankful dedication on the walls of the new school.  With $250, you can make room for a student in a classroom.  With $10,000, you could build an entire classroom – out of pure gratitude.

Through our recent roadtrip & our children’s music program LaLaLove, over $35,000 has been contributed so far this November to build this school out of love, gratitude and music.  To ensure the school is off the ground & ready to open by the time next term begins in January 2012, we aim to raise $15K more by ThanksGiving Day here in the US.

Already, people have begun sharing their thanks on our world-changing photoblog of global gratitude – we hope you’ll join together with people across the globe to pour all the thankfulness in your heart into the world we share

As ever, this ThanksGiving, I am thankful for you: you who have poured so much love & thankfulness into the world we share since Epic Change began just 4 short years ago, you who have dared to hope with us that love & gratitude would somehow be enough to transform this place we call home.

This ThanksGiving, I’m inviting you to prove with us once more that the gratitude we share can make a radical difference in our world

Many in the nonprofit social media community are helping Stacey reach her goal.  Here’s an example from John Haydon who is doing a special campaign on her behalf.

John is trying raise $2,000 for Stacey’s project and if he does, he’ll cut off all his hair!

How are you giving thanks this season? How will do good for others?

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  1. John Haydon says:

    Thanks Beth! Yesterday an electric clipper company (Andis) offered to FedEx a buzzer for the hair cutting! 🙂

  2. Beth says:

    Looks like you’re going to have use it!

  3. Stacey Monk says:

    Thanks SO MUCH Beth – and Happy ThanksGiving!! 😉

  4. hx3dt3明天你还会更新的吧 明天我在来

  5. Thanks for highlighting philanthropic gratitude this Thanksgiving.

    Here’s how the Chicago Metropolitan Battered Women’s Network is celebrating Thanksgiving:

    We are running a campaign called “Responding to the First Responders.”

    The campaign invests in improved staff training, benefits and professional development for professional domestic violence workers.

    They care for families fleeing violence, but who cares for them?

    We all can. If we invest in those helping domestic violence victims, then they will continue to be there for the thousands of families hoping to leave violence behind and live in safe homes.

    Go here to find out more: http://www.causes.com/campaigns/181338?ref=logout

    Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving to all.

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