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Think Different: I’m Thinking Android


Created by Daniel Sieradski

Yesterday, the New York Times published this piece about Apple’s Ban of In-App Donations To Charities which outlines this nuanced issue.   Daniel Sieradski, a digital strategist and artist, pinged me on Twitter with the above spoof on Apple’s “Think Different” campaign pointing out the connection between these “geniuses” and nonprofit organizations.      If you think they should reconsider changing their policy,  sign this online petition.

Meanwhile, I’m going to shopping for a phone with a Android operating system.   Meanwhile, I queried my nonprofit tech geek friends like Amy Sample Ward who said the Droid X rocks.   My friend, Andy Sternberg, suggested that I look at either Sprint EVO 4G or Droid X on Verizon.  Says Andy,  EVO 4G has less storage so if I’m an app hog (I am), I might want to go with the phone that offers more storage.

If you’re in the Bay Area, what Android phone are you are using and what provider and why?

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  2. Saw your comments in the NYT and I fully understand the user experience shift when navigating from an iPhone app to a web page in the Mobile Safari browser. However, it is possible to minimize this by navigating to an iPhone friendly web page that, using HTML5 and Apple’s guidelines, can look very much like part of the native application. Additionally, it may be possible to load this page from within the native application.

    Is Apple forbidding this type of interaction?

  3. Beth says:

    Jeff: No, they’re not. But having to go into Safari is less than ideal and an inelegant workaround.

  4. Beth, You can view web pages from within a native iPhone application that look so much like a native app, that you barely even realize you’re looking at a web page. This interaction is much more elegant than running in the Safari app, however the web version of Safari is actually used to display the pages.

    If you still have your iPhone, check out a website called from your iPhone to see some examples of web apps that look like they’re native, and run almost as if they are native.

    I think you might find this is an acceptable solution.

  5. Beth says:

    canceling contract on the 27th – will check it out

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  7. Rob Pierson says:

    I’ve been relatively happy with my Fascinate. The big problems have been with Samsung, rather than the OS itself.

    1. Samsung prevents you from using Google for searches (because of a deal they have with microsoft)

    2. Samsung’s been suuuuuper late in getting out Froyo (android os 2.2). They’re so late that some are now speculating that they might just skip that version. The reason they’re so late is that they have done excessive customizations of the OS (stuff like preventing users from doing google searches).

    It’s sort of ironic — the same kind of excessive control is happening on Android… but only if you choose the wrong phone.

    If I could choose again, I’d probably go with a Droid X or the new Google Nexus.