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What Tools Are You Using for Listening, Engaging, and Social Media Management?

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Based on the discussion threads in my Facebook page,  I’ve updated my mega list of tools in my social media listening and engaging instructional wiki.   In reflecting over the past three years,  the definition of listening tools has broadened beyond “monitoring” or “research” to include several categories:   social media engagement management,  analytics, influencer identification, and social network analysis.

Here’s a couple of new tools I’ve been exploring:

RowFeeder should be in your spreadsheet aerobics routine.   It searches Twitter and Facebook for phrases or hashtags and dumps them into a google doc spreadsheet.  Saves a lot of cut and paste time and great for analysis.   The basic version is free, but you can add on data like Klout scores for a minimal fee.   It’s particularly useful for aggregating hashtags from events or trainings.

NutshellMail:   About a month or so ago, Manny Hernandez mentioned this free tool as a social media time saver. It grabs all your “bacn”  from social networks and aggregates into a single email.  The sources include Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.  You need to customize which updates (wall posts, friend requests, Twitter lists, etc.) to make it useful for your needs.   I’m testing it with Facebook because it grabs both my personal profile stuff as well as from Facebook pages that I am an administrator of.

You can also customized the delivery time and frequency.  That means it can arrive in your email box when you’ve scheduled to work on it.    The email that arrives links you to the places you to respond. This seems like a good tool for those starting out and and with small followings.  Saves you time logging in and checking or getting separate notices in email from the social network site.

My colleague, Devon Smith, mentioned another tool, Postling, which aggregates your social networks into a single dashboard online and is also free, although it lacks the robust features of paid tools like Spredfast or SmallAct.

I’d like to update my listening/engaging tools list.

What tools you are using for listening, engaging, social media management, and finding influencers on your social media outposts?

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  1. Ian Wilker says:

    Quick list of some others I like:

    » Topsy, for tracking all tweets linking to URLs within a domain or subdomain (if you know of other tools that do this really well, do tell — this is very important to me and I haven’t found a perfect solution.)

    » bookmarklets from Backtweets and Topsy, for spot-checking tweets linking to a particular URL. Topsy’s twitter trackbacks also identifies “influential” and “highly influential” tweeters — useful. (example)

    » I’m experimenting with Postrank Analytics, but haven’t quite figured out if it’s going to be best available tool for one task or another.

    As always, thanks for marshaling all the know-how of this community and sharing your learnings so generously.

    – Ian

  2. I love this post!!! Love it!!! And now I know what bacn is!! Other tools I use and like very much:

    CrowdEye http://www.crowdeye.com/home.aspx (new FAVORITE)
    Kurrently http://www.kurrently.com/
    twAiter http://www.twaitter.com/Default.aspx
    Tweetreach http://tweetreach.com/ (other new FAVORITE)

    Plus, as you’ve already mentioned, IceRocket!!

  3. Event 360 says:

    Beth, you’ve compiled a wonderful list of tools. Looking through our go to list it looks like you’ve covered almost everything. We like to utilize HootSuite as a way to manage our Twitter account and monitor our Facebook pages. It allows us to create multiple custom streams to monitor multiple conversations. Also really enjoy the integration of analytics into the ow.lylink clicks.

  4. Simon Stark says:

    Yahoo Sideline can be useful too. Great article!


  5. Chris Syme says:

    I only use stuff that’s free and I love all the tools you’ve listed that I haven’t seen yet. My fave freebies are Google Analytics (which is installed on blog, website and Facebook), bit.ly, and Twitalyzer. Jim Sterne’s book was also a big help to me–Social Media Metrics.

  6. A great list of tools, I’ll need to check some of those out.

    I’ve been using Hootsuite to monitor Twitter feeds and link clickage, while uberVU (http://www.ubervu.com/) has been really great from an analytics side.

  7. Jasper Blake says:

    Hi Beth,

    I’ve been looking at Sprout Social recently for one of my projects – http://sproutsocial.com/

    If you are running several different channels it looks pretty useful, both from a management and analytics point of view. It costs $49 per month but for what it can do I think it could be well worth the money. Worth a look.

  8. Djerba says:

    Nice article 🙂

    Since Facebook started Graph API, I’m using my own tool http://jerba.be/talk/
    This is just to watch the buzz around our island 😉

  9. hey beth, cool tools rule and here’s something for your ears.

    i use airfoil from rogueabmoeba to fill my house, ipods, iphones etc with music. it streamlines all the music in my house and makes music a truly social experience for all of the 12 year olds, 19 year olds and boomers that float in and out of my home.



  10. 40deuce says:

    I use Sysomos (although I’m biased 😉 )


    Sheldon, community manager for Sysomos

  11. Great blog! Glad I found it – (FB).


  12. […] and Facebook groups. To do this well, follow Beth Kanter’s first step in using social media, and listen to the surrounding conversation so you can find opportunities for scaling your niche and linking […]

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