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The Top Nonprofit Social CEO Awards

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While some people are experiencing a social media hangover, especially on Facebook and taking a step back from social,  using social media professionally in support of your organization’s strategic goals is still more important than ever.   With declines in public trust and the continuing need to raise more money,  nonprofit leaders will need to strategically leverage organizational and professional networks.

Every year Social CEOs hosts an annual award where they seek nominations for the top 30 charity leaders who excel in social media.   The winners, decided by an independent panel of judges (including me), were announced last week in London.   Social CEOs has also published a briefing to help charity leaders develop their social media skills.


The overall winner was Ruth Ibegbuna, chief executive of the Reclaim Project, a Manchester-based youth leadership charity. Her authentic passion for her charity’s cause, and unique tone of voice, is inspiring and her Twitter feed feels like a natural medium for the way she communicates as a leader.

Zoe Amar, one of the organizers of the Award,  has shared a post with some insights about the winners.

How are you moving forward in 2017 with leading on social media?

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