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Recap: Twitter #GivingTuesdayMyths Chat Hosted by Salesforce Foundation


Yesterday Allison Fine and I participated in a chat hosted by the Salesforce Foundation and moderated by Emily Goodstein on the topic “GivingTuesday Myths.”  I have to say that the best thing shared was from Rob Cottingham who illustrated a key point about the importance of building relationship and engagement!

Here are the myths we discussed. Here’s a transcript of our discussion captured in a Twitter Moment.

  • Myth 1: #GivingTuesday is only about raising money.
  • Myth 2: GivingTuesday and End of Year fundraising should be treated as two totally different campaigns.
  • Myth 3: There are very few resources and best practices associated with GT. It is like the wild west out there!
  • Myth 4: It is too late to put together an effective #GivingTuesday strategy.
  • Myth 5: #GivingTuesday is such a crowded time for fundraising so my org shouldn’t participate.
  • Myth 6: Our technology worked pretty well last year, so we shouldn’t make any changes.
  • Myth 7: If my org doesn’t have a big online following, #GivingTuesday won’t be successful for us.
  • Myth 8: Raising money through Facebook is the best way to win #GivingTuesday.
  • Myth 9: I’ve heard GT can only involve donors, not my staff or volunteers.
  • Myth 10: Donors will only pay attention to your organization at the end of the year.

Is your nonprofit ready for GivingTuesday?

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