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The New Unit of Analysis: Networks

Networked Nonprofit

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Guest post from Barbara Kibbe

The organization is still relevant but no longer the only unit of analysis. The new reality of organizations as parts of networks requires another lens and different perspective

Both organizations  and networks can be means to ends. One reason to engage in networks is to enhance individual goals.They may or may not have programmatic goals. But it can’t  only be about process. Network participants ( be they individual or orgs) still have a purpose for their participation. Question: what do network members need to have in common to build or sustain an effective network??? Another question: Will organizational frameworks become stale?

What is the right balance between how you work the network or how the network works the network?

We are working with different definitions about what is and is not a network.

A final question for today:  What is success when it comes to networks? possible answer: When you can you remove yourself from the center of a network and evolve into a node in a well connected network with many hubs.

Barbara Kibbe is the COO, Foundation

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