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Want to Boost Your Fundraising? Use Video

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Want to Boost Your Fundraising? Use Video – A Guest Post by Michael Hoffman

About a year ago, I wrote right here on Beth’s Blog about Why Your Nonprofit Should Invest in Video.  You should read it, because everything in there is still true. Today I’m writing an update because we have an important new piece of data that shows clearly that video works for nonprofit fundraising.

Before I tell you about the more proof, there is a critical point I made last year that I want to reiterate:

When we say video works, we don’t mean every video works, any more than we mean every email works or every direct mail piece works. To know that your email works you have to be sending email regularly – and developing clear metrics for what success looks like. The same is true with video. To see the impact of video, you have to be using it as an ongoing means of communications, not a one-off project that carries all your hopes and dreams.

Study Shows YouTube Helps Drive Donations

Google and Millward Brown Digital did a study where they watched 425,000 visits to nonprofit websites. What they found was that 90% of donors to nonprofits watch YouTube videos, while only 65% of the general public do. But that’s not all.

What they also found in their study was that before someone donates to a nonprofit, they are very likely to be watching more videos from that organization. In other words, watching video appears to be clearly related to getting someone to donate.

Another critical stat that suggests you should not only have a strong video strategy, but  a strong YouTube strategy is that more than 80% of the nonprofit videos being watched were found from search engines, not from organizational websites. At See3, we help organizations build YouTube strategy into their video strategy and part of this is optimizing what videos you have and how they are tagged and titled for search. Don’t forget, YouTube alone is the second most popular search engine on the web.

[For more on this study, check out the infographic.]

YouTube will Become Even More Important

The team at YouTube is working to add features and functionality to their platform that helps nonprofits. Right now, See3 is working with YouTube to help launch a new tool that will be game-changing for how we can better bring in new supporters to our organizations. (Stay tuned here at Beth’s Blog for more on this! If you are on our list you will get a notification when it launches.)

The bottom line for organizations is that video is critical to your communications and fundraising. And YouTube is critical for video strategy. There’s no time to lose.

Michael Hoffman is the CEO of See3 Communications and an authority on developing video strategy for social good. – See more at: http://www.bethkanter.org/videoinvestment/#sthash.pxrUyd3v.dpuf

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  1. Joe Waters says:

    Awesome! Thanks, Mike. Here’s the key question: What’s an easy way to get started??

  2. William Berg says:

    Completely new to crowdfunding and to be honest only created an account because of desperation. This information was very useful to me and I thank you for sharing it. I myself have been looking for ways to try and get the word out about the fundraiser that I am doing for my son who is Autistic. We are just trying to raise enough funds to keep the lights on this year. I would be very appreciative if you could share our link and maybe our story with your followers. Read more here: https://www.gofundme.com/ConnerChristmas

  3. Joe, I think there is no excuse to get started. We published this piece about how to create more YouTube videos. One good rule of thumb is make sure you have at least 1 video associated with each of your top search terms on YouTube for the issues your org works on. .http://blog.see3.com/9-free-ways-increase-youtube-video-views/

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