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Volunteer Engagement 2.0: Pre-Order Your Copy Now!


In mid-May 2015, the book “Volunteer Engagement 2.0” will launch and I’m proud to be among 35 chapter contributors!   Can you guess the topic of my chapter?

The book is about:

Striking a balance between actionable strategy and broad discussion of the issues surrounding volunteerism, Volunteer Engagement 2.0 helps readers craft a volunteer program that reflects the organization’s mission and approaches daily management needs with an eye toward the future.

  • Track the history of volunteerism, and the social, cultural, and technological shifts that will shape its future
  • Keep current volunteers on board, and engage more donors, supporters, and effective board members
  • Utilize new tools and trends including social media, microvolunteering, virtual volunteering, and hackathons
  • Recruit corporate partners, adopt skilled volunteers, and identify Pro Bono resources
  • Quantify and evaluate a volunteer program’s effectiveness, and adjust the strategy going forward

Distilling the latest research and insight from industry leaders, Volunteer Engagement 2.0 is a must-read resource for anyone responsible for volunteer engagement, recruitment, and management.

Other esteemed contributors include: Jayne Cravens, Aria Finger, Holly Ross, Amy Sample Ward, Joe Waters, Scott Henderson, Meg Garlinghouse, Robert Eggers, and Greg Baldwin.   The book is a project of VolunteerMatch and was expertly edited by Robert Rosenthal, who was working from other side of the world.

You can pre-order your copy here.