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The Well-Being & Equity Bridging (WEB) Network

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The last few months I have been honored to serve on a team as a trainer, a team lead by  Leadership Learning Community with the purpose to activate a network focused on the intersectionality of equity, well-being, and health. This concept is very exciting to me as I’ve noticed in my own work as a trainer focusing on well-being and self-care, how these topics intersect with other disciplines.
The Well-being & Equity Bridging (WEB) Network is an emerging network of people and organizations who believe that equity, well-being and health go hand in hand. This network is connecting the learning and action of people who are working on a broad range of conditions that support or impede health and well-being. This network-building effort is supported by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and led by a design team of volunteers and coaches who are committed to exploring the potential of this emerging network.
In May 2018 over 160 people responded to a widely announced call to explore the potential of a network focused on equity, health and well-being. This group formed a Network Design Community of Practice (CoP) charged with helping to build the network, create engagement strategies, and recommend structures to support the network’s growth. The CoP has been meeting for several months and is pleased to announce the name of the network and the launch of a Network Activation Fund.

The WEB Network’s Design Team is excited to roll out a Network Activation Seed fund which will make small grants of $3,000 $6,000 available for learning and activities that will help  grow this network. You can read about the fund, examples of fundable activities and the easy application process through this deck.

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