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Celebrate International Women’s Day


March 8, International Women’s Day, marks an occasion to celebrate the accomplishments of women worldwide.   I’m honored to be working on some social media capacity projects to assist NGOs that are supporting women’s issues – from a learning exchange for Packard Foundation Grantees in Pakistan to a Women’s Leadership Network in Africa to the e-mediat that is working with many NGOs that support women and girls in the Arab World.

As I prepare for my work in the next few months that will take me to far flung corners of the world,  I think about the many inspiring women leaders I’ve had an opportunity to work with.    One example, is Heather Ramsey, who is the Director, Strategic Partnerships and Center for Women’s Leadership Initiatives at IIE.    I’ve had the honor working with her on the e-mediat project and next week we will traveling to the Middle East as part of series of training events to culminate this amazing capacity building project that launched 18 months ago.

Another colleague, Shonali Burke, shared with me an amazing way to honor women you admire on March 8th as part of Oxfam America’s International Women’s Day (March 8) campaign.  The certificate above.  You too, can present  a personalized IWD award to a woman or women who have made a difference.   I also wanted to recognize the amazing women I’m working with through the e-mediat project:

Heather Ramsey, Director, Strategic Partnerships, Center for Women’s Leadership Initiatives @hramseyIIESF
Heather Murphy, Senior Program Officer, @hmurphyiiesf
Stacey Ramirez, Program Officer,  @ramirez_stacey
Madhavi Bhasin, Senior Program Associate, @madi_bhasin
Nermeen Obeidat, Country Director, Jordan, @nobeidatDiana
Al-Mallahi, Training Coordinator, @dalmallahi
Nada Hamzeh, Country Directory, Lebanon, @NADO23
Mona Messlmany, Training Coordinator, Lebanon, @MonaSul
Widad El Hanafi,Country Director, Morocco, @woodalisa
Chema Gargouri, Country Director, Tunisia, @chemagarcat

Other ways you can honor a special woman in your world (or women) on International Women’s Day from Oxfam America:


  • Send one of their IWD eCards to a woman they admire & think has made a difference (or several!)
  • Write a post asking people to do one or both of the above.

I really liked created a customized certificate.

Is there a woman who has done extraordinary work that you’d like to honor?   Why not create a certificate and share it on your social networks.




This year, show your appreciation for the inspiring women in your life by sending them Oxfam America’s free International Women’s Day e-card.

8 Responses

  1. Madhavi says:

    Thank you Beth. Working with you on E-Mediat was a dream come true for me. Looking forward to more such opportunities in future.

  2. Victoria says:

    Beth, it’s great to see your card for the women of e-mediat! They are definitely worthy of this award on this special occasion. There are also more ways to make International Women’s Day meaningful for women in your life and community on Oxfam’s activist website http://actfast.oxfamamerica.org/index.php/issues/women

  3. Diana Al Mallahi says:

    Thank you Beth for your great work! and many thanks for all what you did to all of us!

  4. Beth, thank you so so much for showcasing Oxfam America’s campaign – it’s such a terrific one! And I love the way you showcased e-mediat. Just awesome. I can literally feel the love!

  5. Nada hamzeh says:

    Thank you Beth for all what you’ve done to make us successful women,leaders & role model in our countries.
    E-mediaT Lebanon was chosen to share its success @ the
    UN-Escwa panel in The International women’s day 2012: “For a positive image to Women in the Media”
    to talk about voice of women via social Media.This is because of you! because we had the chance to work with you & learn everyday something new from you.In the name of e-mediat & all the beneficiaries, we nominate you to be the most influencer woman for 2012.Knowing you is an award by itself.Love u Beth

  6. Beth says:

    OMG, I was offline at meetings and now coming back to read these amazing comments and filled with happiness.

    Nada, I need to see a photo of you on this panel …

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