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Win A Free Ticket To WomenWhoTech Annual Telesummit on 9/15


While some may think there are not a lot of high quality women who can speak on technology issues or are starting tech companies, it simply isn’t true.

Women Who Tech brings together talented and renowned women breaking new ground in technology who use their tech savvy skills to transform the world and inspire change.  The summit provides a supportive network for the vibrant and thriving community of women in technology professions by giving women an open platform to share their talents, experiences, and insights. The 3rd annual Women Who Tech TeleSummit will take place on September 15, 2010 from 11AM EDT to 6PM EDT, with over 800 women from across the US and abroad in the non-profit, political and business world and featuring an incredible lineup of thought provoking panels featuring technology change makers.

I’m honored to be included on this “dream team” roster of women (and a few guys including fellow Zoetican, Geoff Livingston) working on the forefront of social change and technological progress, among them: Mary Hodder, Technologist and Founder of of,  Author Blogger and CEO of Zoetica Media, author Clay Shirky, Elisa Camahort Page, Co-Founder of BlogHer, Rashmi Sinha, Co-Founder of SlideShare, Connie Reece, Co-Founder of Social Media Club, Amy Sample Ward of NetSquared, Kaliya Hamlin of Shes Geeky, Genevieve Bell of Intel, Heather Harde, CEO of TechCrunch, Irene Au of Google, Lynne D. Johnson of the Advertising Research Foundation and Tara Hunt, author of the Whuffie Factor.

Here’s the list of panels.   I’ll be presenting on a panel “Social Media ROI” with Lauren Vargas from Radian 6, with Cheryl Contee as the moderator on Sept. 15th from 2-3 PM EST.  Here’s the description.

Social Media ROI

Do you know what kind of an impact social media is having on your brand, mission, or bottom line? How do you put a monetary value on branding? This panel will discuss realistic metrics and benchmarks any organization can use in their campaigns and ensure that your using the right strategies and tools to listen and engage your audiences on different social networks.

Details about how to register and more program details here.

I have two comp tickets to give away.   If you’d like a chance at winning those, leave a comment below on why you want to attend.  I’ll pick two winners at random.


41 Responses

  1. Hi Beth,

    I’d love to attend the Women Who Tech Telesummit. I run the social media and communications team for Jolkona as a volunteer (under the direction of Adnan Mahmud). I’d love to learn more tools to put in my belt and share with the staff I manage and our organization as a whole.

    Thanks for the consideration, Beth!

  2. Miki Bellon says:

    The panels sound great with such excellent content. I just started to introduce social media for fundraising this year and would love to share more information that I gained from the conference and would benefit and promote all the great work that is being accomplished in the nonprofit world.

  3. While the comp. ticket would be nice, I believe that having a summit like this – focusing on women – is so very needed.

    I liken the struggles of women and technology with those of the glass ceiling. Technology is typically considered a male dominated industry, when in fact, women are a driving force.

  4. Anna says:

    I’d LOVE a ticket to this telesummit because I live in a male dominated world and understand the need for education, strength, and cooperation with women and tech. Thanks for offering this!

  5. Laura Norvig says:

    I would *love* to attend. Was actually checking out the agenda last week. What can I say? I’ve always been a huge fan of Rashmi’s and of Amy’s. Not too long ago I heard Mary Hodder on one of Leo LaPorte’s shows and was very intrigued. I always enjoy networking with other women making things happen in the tech world!

  6. Jeanette says:

    I volunteer for the Community Leadership Institute as a facilitator/instructor. I want to attend to continue learning how to create and manage change for the grass roots non profit communities located in the “Westside” neighborhoods of San Antonio, Texas. These organizations are generally under staffed and yet manage to provide (predominantly Hispanic) families with much needed services and information. SM is beginning to take root in these organizations and learning the ROI strategies and tools would help educate these changemakers of the value of SM. Thank you for the opportunity to attend! You have been such a great example of what working for good really means! Thank you…


  7. I would love to have the opportunity to attend this event. I work for a self-funded online video sharing company, Pixorial and also work closely with a nonprofit in Denver that helps homeless women become self-sufficient. We primarily use social media to gain awareness and support for our organization in Denver and follow your advice closely.
    Thanks for the opportunity.

  8. Jeannie Ericson says:

    My organization’s mission is to help public broadcasters make more effective use of technology. One of the big stumbling blocks is getting those in charge to understand the ROI for digital initiatives. My industry has been male dominated, but there are more and more women joining the ranks. Help me help them!

  9. Leslie says:

    Hi Beth

    I am on a committee for our professional association in Texas charged with redesigning the “marketing & communication” activities of the association. I can see MANY applications through social media that will enhance the organization’s mission but I have run into strong resistance. My challenge is to inform them of the benefits and advantages, especially the ROI since the organization operates on a very tight budget. Your blog has been very helpful to my work with the association.

    Thanks you!

  10. Tammy Gordon says:

    Because if I hear “my boss doesn’t value in social” one more time from an incredibly talented young communications professional, I might implode. As a social communications trainer at a non-profit, I would love more tips on how to demonstrate ROI to the entrepreneurial staffers that are slogging it out, unappreciated.

  11. Tammy Gordon says:

    BTW, 😉 I’m lucky. MY boss @KevinDonnellan DOES appreciate and value social.

  12. Marian says:

    “Women Who Tech” is a terrific idea! I run a small arts not-for-profit and we do all of our work digitally (except for the singing part!). Would love to participate in WWT to learn from some of the best, to network with other women, and to share with other arts orgs what can be done with smart, creative technology!

  13. I would love to attend. I’ve been poking my foot in the social media waters for a while and am now responsible for agency social media/Internet marketing and would love to learn more.

  14. Celia Slater says:

    What a great conference! I work for a small nonprofit and am trying to get a handle on what we can and cannot do to more effectively communicate with donors, community leaders and volunteers. Our challenge – small staff, small budget! Would love to attend something like this to learn more and share with other women.

    Thank you for your consideration.

  15. Melissa says:

    I’d love to attend Women Who Tech. I work for a great association whose members – school librarians – are extremely forward-thinking when it comes to social media and technology. As an association, we are constantly trying to keep up with our members! However, I think like any association, we are trying to justify our use of social media and guard our “brand,” rather than seeing it as an investment in our stakeholders. I’d love to hear from these *women* who are leading the change!

  16. I would love to attend. I am just learning more and more about this world. Especially in the area of faith based non-profits which are sometimes behind the eight ball. Money is tight in the non-profit world so I would appreciate a free ticket if I were to be a winner!

  17. I’d like to attend. I’m a recent graduate entering the world of technology coming from a school of economics, and I was never exposed to that many women technologists. It would be great to get ideas and find some mentors at this stage in my life.

  18. Please pick me to attend Women Who Tech. At Rasmuson Foundation, we experiment in technology as a way to advocate on behalf of the nonprofits working in Alaska. Anything we learn, we attempt to push out to the field either by demonstration, by sponsoring training events, or by adapting our funding strategies to support innovative work.

  19. Elizabeth says:

    Hello Beth,

    I am a woman who has been in the technology industry for a number of years and am amazed at the rapid development and progress emerging technologies and Social Media. I would love an opportunity to attend this teleseminar, to tap the minds of some of this decade’s up and coming industry leaders. I am currently engaged with a community Non-Profit, assising with the launch of a Social Media program.


  20. Person says:

    I’m just back from the Peace Corps and am working with nonprofits on their online communications strategies. That’s why I want to attend.

  21. I was in the Peace Corps in its early days! I wish we’d had email, the web, and social media then. I am volunteer board president of the Unitarian Universalist United Nations Office, and would like to get our organization more tech oriented. My job as Director of Development and Communications at an advocacy non-profit, where I supervised web updates and created our Facebook Page, just got eliminated, and more tech skills will help me in my search. I’d love to attend Women Who Tech. Thanks for the opportunity and all the great advice I’ve had from your blog over the past 2 yrs.

  22. Shari says:

    Beth, thanks for another amazing opportunity! I work for a non-profit technology startup, We use technology to show donors the real impact their gift has on one person’s life. Give a small gift – a mosquito net, a solar lantern – and in about 2 weeks, you’ll receive the picture and story of the life you changed.

    I would love to attend, learn from & contribute to this thriving community of women using technology for good!

  23. Grace says:

    Hi Beth, I wanted to attend this as soon as I heard about it. I’ve been pushing my organization to think about how social media can help us for the last few months and have been spearheading all efforts, but even as 20-something there’s so much I need and want to learn about how to engage with social media effectively! So far my efforts at creating a Facebook community have been pretty blah. I’m also interested in learning how to use technology well. Even though it’s never been in my job description, I’m the person people always go to for tech-related questions at my organization. I bought “Managing Technology to Meet Your Mission” a few months ago in hopes that I could help get my organization to a healthier state of technology management but it’s a slow going process.

    The bottom line is that I’m *always* looking for more opportunities to learn, particularly around technology in hopes of getting my non-profit to a better place. I also just became the acting development director (big shoes to fill!) so can especially use all the training I can get. And, like many organizations, mine doesn’t have the ability to pay much for professional development so I would love it if I could attend this (and others I have in the works) without paying out of pocket.

    Thanks for reading and all that great work you do! Your website/blog has an incredible resource for me.

  24. Lisa says:

    Beth, what a great gesture. I’d want to learn and share tips and techniques with our frontline feminist human rights activists in Asia, Africa + Latin America. Right now, we have women in jail in Indonesia for protesting corporate land takeovers from the poor, and; others dodging bullets and tear gas in the streets of Honduras as they peacefully protest the government’s absconding with millions of dollars in teacher’s pay and pension funds. These brave women need social media to survive + be able to continue their work.

  25. Beth, I would love to attend the conference. I don’t think there are enough opportunities for women in tech to take the floor and LEAD. So often at tech conferences, we women are in sessions, but not as vocal as we should be. As a woman in Non-profit tech, dedicated to kicking cancer’s ass for the American Cancer Society, I’d love to attend the sessions and get some new weapons for the fight!

  26. Becky says:

    I’ve been a full-time volunteer for Isha Foundation for the past two years, and our community manager for the past several months. Reading this blog has been a tremendous inspiration & support when I felt like one of the only people in my org who who was trying to understand social media. I had never been into technology before, but now I’m pretty hooked…

  27. Anis Salvesen says:

    Wow!!!! You’re not kidding when you say it’s a “dream team” roster!

    I was the only female at a startup in San Francisco’s North Beach about a year-and-a-half ago; I attended a party with a bunch of people in the startup world, and I was excited to talk to other girls. It was so unbelievably disappointing when they all said, “Oh I’m not in the startup. My boyfriend is.”

    For the last year, I’ve been volunteering in the nonprofit world in social media. I actually wrote a blog post on Cambodia, and I remember being blown away by the fact that here was this uber successful social media guru who in addition to that was a hands-on mom who actually took the time to answer some interview questions for that article! I know it’s sexist, but I couldn’t help thinking, “Would a man have done that?”

    With that background here are the top 3 reasons I would feel like I’d died and gone to heaven if I were chosen:

    1) It would be the ultimate tech girl power experience. Talk about inspirational! Women in tech rock!

    2) Beth Kanter and Amy Sample Ward. Enough said.

    3) Every single panel is super interesting. Usually there is at least one unappealing panel at conferences.

  28. Barbara says:

    Hi Beth: I participated in last year’s Women Who Tech Summit and appreciated the content and the format. I’m not entering myself for your giveaway (but another great idea)…just wanted to ask if you knew of any physical meet-ups happening in association? I think this was part of the program last year?? Thanks, Barbara

  29. What a wonderful opportunity it would be to attend this conference. I am part of team that does all of our website and social media projects “on the side” along with our regular responsibiliities (fundraising, marketing, PR). We are asked to speak at many events because of the great things we do at The Children’s Medical Center of Dayton but we always want and value new ideas. The opportunity to network with these women would be an extraordinary learning opportunity for those of us who have seen their travel and professional development budgets elimnated. Thank you!

  30. Betsy Woods says:

    I would love to attend and meet other intelligent, creative woman in this field. I am the public relations and marketing manager at Dayton Children’s (pediatric hospital in Dayton, Ohio). With the help of our marketing and development departments, we have launched a very successful social media strategy through Facebook, blogs, YouTube and Twitter (@daytonchildrens). Dayton Children’s is frequently asked to speak to other organizations and at local seminars about our social media efforts. Along with my responsibilities of media relations and marketing, I also am responsible for updating content on our website along with our other social media channels. We are a small children’s hospital so budgets (especially travel) are very limitied. Thank you for your consideration.

  31. Hi Beth! What a great opportunity! I would love to spend time with what I think will be a wonderful community of practice of women in technology–specifically the non-profit sector! Events like this inspire a new level of creativity within me and and inspire me to move my work and the work of my organization into new positive directions!

  32. Nadia Adona says:

    I would love the opportunity to attend this telesummit. I’m the “techie” of my organization and we’re trying to capitalize on social media without breaking the budget. We have the elements there (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.) but any advice on how to make those really pop would be great. Also, I would like to delve in some “heavier” tech solutions that I can learn how to do and save my company some money so we don’t have to outsource our needs.

    Can’t say I’ve really thought of myself as a “WomanWhoTech” but I’m striving to earn my “Computer Geek” credentials and show them off to our members. If only I could have that stamped on my business card. *sigh*

  33. Tracy Smith says:

    We are just diving in to measuring how well our social media efforts are working. I’ve got an outline of what we are looking at and how we’ve done compared to our goals. It’s all stuff I’ve figured out on my own by listening, reading, picking other peoples minds. Now I’d like to push to the next level and train other nonprofit professionals in our building how they can push their social media measurement boundaries. We are housed in a super cool building that just has nonprofits in it and the woman who built it hoped the communal spaces would help us share information. Right now that doesn’t happen as much as I think it could, so I’d like to contribute by pushing my own boundaries and becoming the go-to person at least in this building. Thanks, Tracy

  34. Susan Hayse says:

    I need to talk to women who do what I do. I’m tired of talking to boys. Well, sort of.

  35. Sarah Pierce says:

    I’m a full time student who volunteers part time as the Director of Outreach for a small nonprofit. I would love the opportunity to use this conference as a jumping point to expanding our social media efforts!

    Thanks for everything,


  36. Karen says:

    I would love a ticket to attend! I’m on staff at a church and have been tasked to rework the communications arm of our organization and I would love to get a handle on how to incorporate social media into the plan. The budget is tight and the leadership is not totally sold on the value of social media and technology in general, so a ticket would help a lot!

  37. Shelley Cook says:

    I want to win a ticket because well behaved women rarely make history. Being a woman in tech for most of my life has made me “ill behaved,” and I’m ready to learn from the best!

  38. Wow, there are a lot of comments already… but I’d love a ticket because I’m trying to bring social media and it’s benefits to Nicaragua, hopefully to help connect and bring value to the lives of many who are in need of ways to better themselves. I’d love any opportunity to learn, get new ideas, and help further my mission.

  39. Katie Rowley says:

    I feel in love with your approach to Social Media at the NTEN 2010 Conference in Atlanta. In attending your session on the “Networked Nonprofit”, I realized how much your strategies are right on! The opportunity to learn from you (as well as the other amazing women in the line up) is a chance I don’t want to miss!

  40. Lisa Zollner says:

    Hi Beth,
    I am an intern at Edelman (we incidentally just hired Carol Cone to help with our CSR initiatives), and have finally realized my calling after 31 years of what I want to do. My internship is coming to a end and I want to pursue a career that allows me to leverage Social Media to change the world. Attending this conference would allow me to make that dream more of a reality. 🙂 Thank you!
    Lisa Zollner

  41. Ahhh, too bad I saw this blog post too late to get a chance at a free ticket. But I’m looking forward to being part of the telesummit — will register now.