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Zoetica Salon: This Month’s Theme: Social Media Tune Up


Flickr Photo by Robert Couse-Baker

Last month, we launched the  The Zoetica Salon on my Facebook Page with my Zoetica colleagues,  Geoff Livingston, Kami Huyse, and Julie Pippert (the newest Zoetican) where over 7,000 nonprofit leaders have been engaging in informal learning about nonprofits and social media.   Our intent is to provide a space for  just-in-time answers, share best practices at no charge, and deepened our learning based on a monthly theme.  Last month, our theme was measurement and we shared a summary of the best measurement tips and resources here, here, and here.

Since January is a great month  to tune up your social media strategy, that’s our theme for the month.     We will answer your questions about how to make your organization’s social media efforts more efficient.     We’ll share tips, resources, and tools for saving time on engaging in conversations, listening, content strategy, measurement, tools and more.

We encourage you to ask your questions about how to more effective with social media – either for your organization or as a practitioner.   Whether you are  looking for ways to make your email campaigns more social or trying to avoid the pitfalls of common social media measurement mistakes, post your questions.   Maybe you want to find a few examples so you can benchmark your organization or for a presentation,  just post your query.   Maybe you are looking good shortcuts to make your organization’s social media use less time consuming and have specific questions about techniques or tools.      Maybe you don’t have time to test every app on Facebook and want some recommendations on what’s best to stream your content.

And if you’ve  implemented a few focused social media activities in 2011 and have gleaned some insights.   Good for you!  Tell us about your success stories!

We invite everyone to join us this month as we explore how to make our organization’s social media use effective or improve our own practice.    See you there!

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