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Send Steve Jobs A Message: Let Us Give Donations on the iPhone


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Yesterday,  I explained why I’ve decided to ditch my iPhone and get an Android.   In short,  Apple makes it really difficult for nonprofits to collect donations from within iPhone apps (read Jake Shapiro’s Editorial or  this post about why Apple pulled PayPal’s app).  Here’s more about why it is important.

I posted a link  in the  Zoetica Salon in Facebook and I tweeted about it – and this sparked a conversation with nonprofit colleagues.  Many were annoyed.  Sue Ann Reed from Care 2 set up an online petition so we could all send Steve Jobs a message and give Apple a chance to change their policy before we all part ways with our iPhones.

Did you know that Apple won’t allow you to make a donation to your favorite nonprofit using an iPhone?

That may not sound like a big deal, but for people, the phone has become an important tool for how they live, including how they connect and give to causes they care about.

And the same is true for nonprofits–they depend on making it easy for their supporters to give. Otherwise their ability to good in the world is jeopardized.

Apple claims that they don’t want to be held responsible for making sure donations reach their final destination, but there are solutions available.

Tell Apple to be a good corporate citizen and let their customers give donations on the iPhone.

Sign this online petition right now!

6 Responses

  1. Go Beth!! Thanks for raising this issue, I had no idea. And thanks to Care 2. I just signed the petition.

  2. Hector Ramos says:

    What are the solutions? We also had an app rejected because we said all proceeds would go to charity – we removed the caption and donated the proceeds anyway.
    However, I understand Apple’s position on this, so I would like to know what other solutions are out there before I sign this petition.

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  5. Deborah Phelan says:

    Hey, Steve. Guess how many people I got to give up their iPhones cause of ur connection with corrupt AT&T? 100. Give another inspiring grad speech & stop lowering your standards!

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