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Nonprofit Technology Conference Withdrawal

Personal Reflections

The 2012 Nonprofit Technology Conference (NTC) was the 12th conference that I have attended (it had earlier reiterations).    Every year it is like attending a family reunion.      I have some many friends and colleagues that I only get to see once a year at the NTC.   For example, my colleague Shai Coggins from Connecting Up (the Australian version of NTEN), who always brings me Tim-Tams.

The annual awards luncheon is always one of my favorites and this year was a little bittersweet.

The Life Time Achievement award went to Rob Stuart, the godfather of the NpTech movement, who sadly passed away in October.  Vincent Stehl delivered a wonderful remberance and then went on to award a new prize in Rob’s honor.   This prize will be given annually to an organization that leverages networks.    Annie Leonard, the Story of Stuff, was the recipient.

Several individuals in the nonprofit technology community were recognized.  Vinay Bhagat of Convio was given the 2012 Care2 Impact Prize for his outstanding impact in online advocacy and fundraising.  Carie Lewis was recognized for her social media work on behalf of the Humane Society, including mention of reaching 1 million fans on Facebook.    Farra Trompeter was given the NTEN community award for the most valuable person in the community.   After a wonderful video tribute,  she said, “Thanks NTEN, you have my back!”

The winners of this year’s DoGooder Nonprofit Video Awards were also announced and you can see them at the  DoGooder Awards website!  Winning Best Small Organization is “Protect Our Defenders”, a gripping account of sexual assault in the military. “Solid Women”, winner of Best Medium Organization, presents a powerful, affirming story of 5 women succeeding in rebuilding their community after the 2010 Haiti earthquake, through the microloans facilitated through Fonkoze. “Adding Tomorrows“, a moving story from Cystic Fibrosis Foundation of perseverance and dogged work ethic in the face of chronic illness, won Best Large Organization. And the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum won Best Video Storytelling with “Yes, That’s My Father“, a stirring narrative about history, memory, and personal closure.

It is always hard to see the NTC Conference come to an end, so now I start the count down to the 2013 NTC which will be Minneapolis, MN.    See you there next year.

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  1. Sue Anne Reed says:


    I totally feel the same way, and I haven’t been to nearly as many NTCs as you have. 🙂 I’m bummed I missed your dinner on Tuesday, and sorry I didn’t get a chance to talk with you. I saw you frequently from across the room and/or Hilton lobby …

  2. What Sue Anne said, The nice thing is that the conference seems to start in January now, with all of the buzz building up on Twitter and Facebook. I still get a lot of valuable resources, lessons and connections out of this conference while experiencing the hands-down best party of the year. I realize that, over the last seven years, people in this community have grown into real friends that I just don’t see much of because we live in different cities. And, every year, I meet more people at NTC, including some that I’ve built up casual friendships with over social media, and it just gets richer and richer. Sue Anne – you were on my “put a face to the avatar” list this year, and I’m sorry I missed you. Let’s rectify that at #13ntc.

  3. Thanks for summarizing these highlights. The awards were especially tearful this year. However, the week was grand as usual.

    -Peter, thanks for the beer.

  4. Beth says:

    Peter: I can’t believe we didn’t get a chance to say hello, but since we now live in the same metro area – we have no excuse not to at least have a beer.

  5. Beth – I can’t believe it, either, but that’s because we did say a quick hello at ntcbeer. :).

    Do you make it up to SF? Our offices are downtown now, a little ore convenient than Oakland was (and we can take this talk to email).

  6. Thanks, Beth, for writing out all of the great happenings of #12ntc. This was my first, but not my last! I miss being surrounded by hundreds of like-minded, innovative, and passionate people!

  7. Shai Coggins says:

    Wow! Thanks for the special shout out here on your blog, Beth. As always, it’s wonderful to see you and get the chance to hang out a bit longer with you at #12NTC this year. That photo reminded me of that post-dinner walk where we got drenched! 🙂

    And, I completely agree. Last year, even though it was my first NTC, I already felt a very welcoming community. And that was mostly because of people like you, Holly, Nancy, Lindsay, and the many other new friends I made.

    This year, it is amazing to feel like it was a “homecoming” or a reunion, even though I come from Australia. It’s a testament to the fantastic community that everyone has built as part of the conference.

    In fact, last night, I ended up celebrating my birthday with a group of people I just met at 12NTC — and had a an incredible time, as if I was celebrating with best friends.

    Yes, the 24+ hour trip has been SO worth it. I hope I will find my way back again!

    So, once more, thank you so much – for your warmth, generosity, and friendship. I hope you enjoy the TimTams! 🙂

  8. Ditto–thanks for the recap here–and my shout-out. I’m still blushing from that video and all the kind words here, at the conference, and on Twitter.

    I love the NTEN community so much. I can only describe the conference as ‘exhaustingly wonderful’ — and for sure, my favorite time of the year!

    Looking forward to our next reunion in Minneapolis. #13NTC countdown starts now…


  9. Always great to catch-up with everyone at the NTC and thanks for the great summation, Beth. See you all in the Twitterverse!

  10. Woohoo! Thanks for the recap, Beth, but really a big thanks for all you do to contribute to, participate in, and support the NTC each year! We couldn’t pull it off and it certainly wouldn’t be the event that it is without this incredible community 🙂

    And, for planning ahead for next year and many years to come, be sure to put the future NTC dates on your calendar! They’re all listed at

    April 11-13, 2013: Minneapolis, MN
    March 13-15, 2014: Washington, DC
    2015: TBD
    March 22-24, 2016: San Francisco, CA

  11. Carie Lewis says:

    Thanks so much for the mention Beth, and for your continued support of my personal growth and The HSUS’ social media program.

    I too am already missing NTC, and counting down the days till next year. So great to see everyone!

  12. Cheryl Black says:

    Thanks for including each of the award winners! They’ve all made great contributions and it was wonderful to see them recognized.

  13. Beth
    Great to see you, as always. Thanks for putting this together. It is a family reunion.
    I am still tired… but I can only imagine how tired you are after all the travel.


  14. […] the wonderful, smart and generous Beth Kanter pointed out, it felt more like a reunion. Yes, even though I barely see the people in this community and I live […]

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