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NTC: Data Visualization Panel


NTC 2012: Data Visualizaiton Panel

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I’m here at the 2012 Nonprofit Technology Conference in San Francisco this week.  I am on a panel about measurement:

Picturing Your Data is Better Than 1,000 Numbers:Data Visualization Techniques for Social Change

Are you intrigued by infographics and how they could improve your communication strategy? Are you interested in what it takes for an organization to systematically use data? Or are you maybe even drowning in data and looking for someone to throw you a life-saving suggestion for software and other tools? Then this is the session for you!
Through lively sharing and discussion this session will cover a range of topics related to nonprofit engagement with data and information visualization, including: Organization culture and practice: What does it take for organizations to systematically use their data? Approaches and tools: What are the basic guidelines for designing and using data and information visualizations? What are the go-to tools? Exciting examples: What are some great examples from nonprofits? Data and information visualizations for advocacy, evaluation, social media, network analysis, operations, and more!

I will be joined by Johanna Morariu from Innonet and Brian Kennedy of ChildrenNow.

Our session is part of the online live streaming sessions and it was fun trying to translate some of the face-to-face interactive exercises we’re doing in the room to activities online.   You can take a look at the online exercises here.

The panel will look at data visualization from three different lenses.   Organizational culture,  visualization and data sense making techniques, and a case study from Children Now about they went from sharing all text-based advocacy data to using visualization for policy change.

Since data visualization should be part of an organizational measurement and learning process, it is important to consider organizational adoption challenges.  I’ll be covering that with a brief case study, tips, and interactive exercise.  I’m excited because it will be the first time that I’m speaking about my forthcoming book “Measuring the Networked Nonprofit:  Using Data for Social Change” co-authored with KD Paine.    If you want to be notified when the book is available, sign up here.

Here’s the resources, more on the wiki we created for the panel.


Data Informed, Not Data Driven

How To Switch to Data Informed Culture

What does the data say?

The Five Stages of Measurement Acceptance

Measuring the Networked Nonprofit: Get Notified When Book Is Available

Drawing by the Numbers: A terrific resource for data visualization for nonprofit advocacy

Examples of nonprofit infographics

100 Infographic Tools

Beth’s Curated List of Infographics for Nonprofits: Tips, Tools, Examples

Johanna’s Resource Guide:

Picture This: Expert Opinions On Telling Your Stories With Pictures

Does your organization use data visualization?   Share your experience in the comments.

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  1. Ching says:

    Hi Beth

    Thanks for organizing the materials for data viz in a NPO context. We are an infographic tool, and would love to get more NPOs creating infographics. Happy to showcase the great work and data tracking/how much progress is done on respective fields


  2. Beth says:

    Ching: What’s your URL?

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