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Taking A Break from Blogging this Week: Ocean View Wins

Personal Reflections

Taking a break from online this week to stare at the ocean, visit family, and air out the brain.    As someone who spends a lot of time online,  breaks like this can be good for the heart, soul, and brain.    Someone referred me to this excellent post by Danah Boyd about how to take an email sabbatical.   I’m not going completely off the grid, but greatly reducing my normal load.

So you’ll see less of me here, on Twitter, Google+, Facebook, and email.

I grew up in South Jersey and spent my childhood on the beach and in the ocean.   That’s why one of my favorite downtime activities is to listen to the waves and stare at the ocean.   Maybe a little surfing or walking along the beach looking for shells.

Everytime I get to enjoy this down time activity,  I’m grateful for the work that Ocean conservation organizations do – like Surfrider and Ocean Conservancy.

Do you take a break from being online?   What’s your best tip?  What do you think the benefit is?


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  1. Kyle Lacy says:

    I am taking a break toward the end of next week. I try to get away for at least a week out of every year in order to completely unplug. It is worth it!

  2. PoeticU says:

    The ocean does win. As much as it feels important to stay connected and be doing important works on the computer, going into nature always pays off a million times over. There is a small waterfall I go to in the hills in Hong Kong behind where I live, and I stick my head under it and wash away tension, doubt, tiredness and other negativities. A Japanese woman told me that waterfalls are a great place for washing and renewing yourself and I always try to do this when I pass that waterfall.

  3. Dan Michel says:

    Just had my break last week. It was great and my head is so much clearer this week.

    One advice if you have an iPhone, disengage the email feature. You see that number build but I held out and did not press the icon (pic here http://yfrog.com/kgognkyj)

    Another interesting fact is my Klout score did not decrease.

    Dan Michel
    Feeding America

  4. Beth says:

    You have a lot of self control!!

  5. Karen says:

    Just read your book on my vacation! GREAT book, I am coming back to work re-inspired! It’s a challenge helping NPOs to understand we would all benefit so much more if we all worked together! (BTW- I grew up in Delran NJ, went to Long Beach Island every summer!!)

  6. Beth says:

    Thanks so much Karen – then you should really enjoy the video clip!

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