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A Few Thoughts About Nonprofits and Digital Transformation in 2018

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Over the past year, I have felt less optimistic than ever about the power of connectivity and networks for social good. And, if the truth be told, almost to the point of wanting to crawl up on a fetal position and never another look at a screen again.

In December, while in London to reach workshops,  I attended a dinner hosted by Vinay Nair, CEO and co-founder of Lightful. Vinay assembled charity sector thought leaders, representing organisations such as Small Charities Coalition, Comic Relief, Marie Curie, Good Things Foundation and more to discuss digital transformation for charities in the age of mistrust.

We all agreed that the reality is that connectivity has only made the underbelly of extremes in our society more visible and spreadable. But online connectivity can also amplify the good work of charities and contribute to civil society.   We need to keep focused on that vision.

Now with a little holiday technology detox and some reflection, I’m feeling different.  I feel that nonprofits need not only a robust digital transformation strategy, but also need to leave room to experiment and innovate with newer technologies like bots, blockchain, and AI.

Here’s few recent guest posts on other places, including a co-authored work with Allison Fine, my co-author of Networked Nonprofit. Allison and I are cooking up some plans for our next writing project together – stay tuned.

What is your nonprofit’s digital strategy focus for 2018?  What experiments or pilots does it include?

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  2. Ellen Devens says:

    I agree… i also think the political emails and social pushing of agendas, with subsequent requests for donations, has not helped the non-profit world. I also think an emphasis needs to be made to show the results, how monies have been distributed, etc. Good luck. Ellen

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